Friday, June 7, 2013

Ignore Ideal.

Hello there! I gotta say: Summer is finally here!, that means watermelon time has begun and eating breakfast on my balcony in the sun is my favorite part of the day. (: Sun and warm weather are seriously one of the most amazing things in the world!
Mh, what can I say? People never practice what they preach. And what's up with that I'm-having-such-a-bad-conscience-thing? If you did everything right and fair, you wouldn't have to worry about your decisions in the first place. So, say what you mean, choose words carefully, don't lie, be true to yourself and for god's sake admit your mistakes, there is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, people disgust me!
 Kindertag! (:
Best Handcreams! Though, I gotta say that the one's on the sides are very rich because of their huge amount of shea-butter and don't dry that fast, I rather like to use them overnight. The new one in the middle is a summer limited edition which smells like a bouquet of flowers and is not as thick.
So, this is the result of still being super duper mega productive even if you didn't study (what would be the most necessary thing to do right now, though)! Procrastination is awful!
Well, at least I have a Wanted-Summer-List: 

1. Flip Flops by Havaianas in golden
2. Tank Top by Cheap Monday
3. Some kind of cute Backpack (Bags kill my shoulders!)
4. Ear studs by T&Co. in gold (won't happen anyway haha)
5. Lipstick by MAC in "Full Fuchsia" and "Pink Nouveau"
6. Nailpolish by OPI in "Strawberry Magharita"
7. Lens cap holder for my Canon camera
8. Rayban Aviators
9. Books: "The fault in our stars" by John Green; "If you have to cry, go outside" by Kelly Cutrone
10. Some Heels in black


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