Sunday, August 25, 2013

L for Lago&Lake...or Love.

Helloooo! After two weeks of vacation I'm finally back in town. Well, the minute I got out of the car back in Germany, I immediately wanted to go back to Italy again! It was so freezing and there are no palm trees and there is no nice italian architecture and no sounds of the cicada making their noises... I hate the feeling of going back home from vacation because that means "back to reality" and that is surely not as nice as vaca. Oh well, let's not complain about how bad everything is, let's say how beautiful it was ;D... 
So after driving all the way through the alpes, which was a very beautiful and impressing drive, we finally arrived at our apartment in Maccagno, Italy right on the Lago Maggiore about 20km from the border of switzerland. The nature, the architecture, the lake... everything looks so nice and unique. It's amazing how the huge mountains emerge from the lake, it builds such a gorgeous landscape to it.
So, here's one week of Switzerland/Lago Maggiore/Milano-Best of throuh the eyes of my beloved camera:

Such a cute little island called Isola Bella.


Locarno, Switzerland.

A couple pictures from Austria are coming up tomorrow or so. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend (: xx

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