Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thoughtful Treasures

Heya, I know it's January already, but I thought it's not too late to show my christmas presents. And if this might be a contradiction to my post about the "christmas gift hype": Don't get me wrong, I like giving and recieving presents, but I think it's not the most important part of Christmas/Birthday etc.
So, here are some things that have a new home now. (:

Bought this necklace myself but it still was kinda part of christmas. 
Necklace by Topshop (KaDeWe Berlin)
Mason Jars with the cutest straws ever!

This time, a lot of stuff was so unexpected, which I'm normally not used to. Somehow, my parents always ask me what exactly I NEED etc. But this time besides from a kitchen scale, which I was really happy about anyway, I didn't really get stuff I literally "needed". I love the unexpected. ((:

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