Friday, September 26, 2014

Tumblr Time.

Hello Beautiful People! I know, I haven't been super into posting a lot and I am really apologizing for it. I guess I have just so many other things on my mind lately, that keep me very busy and not being able to go lots of places and snap a lot. So in the meantime, don't forget about my tumblr! It's not that I am taking time for tumblr but not for my own blog, it's rather having time for my tumblr (because I pretty much just reblog pictures) than all the long process of taking pictures, editing them, writing something to it and posting it... 
My tumblr is pretty much my inspiration, things I wish for, I dream about or things that bother me.
You might think it's pretty boring because it's not my pictures showing my life, but this actually is pretty personal stuff going on here. Seeing people posting things, who exactly think or feel the same way as you do makes it easier to actually speak out on it and post it onto your tumblr. Don't interpret too much, though!


1 comment:

  1. Ich versteh dich, haha. Mir geht's so oft so, dass ich Dinge auf Tumblr lese & mir so denke, waaas so vielen Leuten geht's genauso? Da f├╝hlt man sich gleich besser irgendwie :D Schau gleich mal vorbei bei dir :)

    & vielen lieben Dank, sehr lieber Kommentar :))