Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disappearing Dreams & Daily Desires.

Hello Lovelys(: Since I've was the very last days of my break all I did was going for a walk and enjoing the lovely weather with my friend. We watched the sun set and the sky turn to deep blue and pink.
My friend ask me to make an order at to buy some brushes, so I thought I need new ones anyway and I always wanted to try the brushes that are hyped even by make-up artists. They've been pretty amazing so far! I hope they will last long!
Blush Brush by Real Techniques £9.99
Stippling Brush by Real Techniques £9.99
Superdupersick in bed and watching the sun outside the window. buhh.
Tulips!! Spring and Easter is calling*-*
 Oh teddy. oh well.
 Going to Paris with my lovely friend in may. Aw, can't wait!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmth and the sun. Keep smiling. xx

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