Sunday, May 26, 2013

Working Weekend.

Hello Lovelys! This is the perfect weather to finally get some work done, I would say. 
1. Cleaning the apartment 2. Laundry 3. Schoolstuff 4. Working out -CHECK! Since not permanently being at home the last couple weeks, I couldn't manage to get some important little work done, so I thought this weekend would be the perfect time for things like that. haha... What's better than a new freshly made bed, anyway?! It looks so different when the sheets are not pink. But seriously, it's time to quit the I-love-everything-in-pink-phase!! White looks lovely!
Spotted this little cutie a long long time ago in the A&F online store, but I wasn't anywhere close to a shop, so my friend bought it for me in Hamburg, yay. It's not only about how gorgeous it looks, the way it smells is just not to put in words. I almost forgot how amazing "Fierce" smells.(It's a men's fragrance they spray all their clothes with) I got the bottle some years ago with a little fragrance left, I almost forgot about it. Seriously, I've never smelled a male fragrance that is better than this! OMG it smells like heaven on earth. Heaven On Earth. HEAVEN ON EARTH! I need this and I'm gonna buy this. Period.
This was supposed to be a little talk about the button up shirt, haha. Oh well.

 Strawberries with non-sugared peanut butter. Best snack in the world! (:
Let's learn how to dance in the rain... I'm getting warmed up with running in the rain in a little, best shit ever! (: Keep your head up, keep your heart strong, Lovers! xx


  1. You look so much like Aurora Mohn and her cousin. :D I actually thought you were related to them. x