Friday, November 8, 2013

Cozily Comfortable.

Heya! Since november started I thought I really need to prepare for winter and since I'm always freezing there is no "too warm" or "too much of it". So, I went to Primark the other day and got very nice warm stuff for winter. That's the only thing Primark works really well for me: any kind of slippers, socks and pyjama's!
I finally got my first hot water bottle in my life! I never really was crazy about it for some reason, but my flatmate told me to get one of these because they are the best. ...and they are, like heaven! I can't believe I missed out on them my entire life, haha. There are not gonna be any more nights of not being able to sleep because of cold feet, ha! This little baby will keep me warm. ;D And I figured: I can't have too much of cozy socks and slippers, ever!
So here they are:

Have a fabulous weekend!! xx

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