Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cozy Corner.

Hi Hey Hello,
here is a teeny tiny sneak peek of my apartment. Eventhough not every little corner of it is done yet, I am pretty happy with the outcome. All of the pictures in the frames are not final, I am gonna exchange those with picture I've taken from all the different places I've been around the world, I think. 
The world globe is my favorite piece of all, it is a very old treasure from my dad, that I repainted in matt-gold, I love it.
Alright so, this is only a little crop of it - a post with more pictures will be coming up next year. Wow it sounds so far away, but this year has only 15 days left -omg can't believe it, where has the time been?
The couch, little tables, dresser, big pillows and the blanket are all from -surpise surprise- IKEA!
"Happy" pillow - KaDeWe
Rug - MöbelKraft

Have an awesome tuesday evening, you all!


  1. Wie unglaublich schön! Einfach Traum seine Wohnung genau in dem Stil einzurichten ! :)

    1. vielen lieben dank, weitere wohnungsbilder kommen ganz bald (:
      wunderschoene weihnachten dir!

  2. aw, lieben lieben dank! wie gesagt -es kommen noch weitere (:
    happy christmas holidays!