Monday, December 29, 2014

Wonderfully White Walk.

Hello there!
What is better than waking up in the morning, sliding the curtains off the window and seeing the city covered in white with a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining?! Wah, so this is the gift for not having snow for Christmas, but now having tons of it making the city look gorgeous. And since it's really rare that Berlin has wonderful snow that actually stays for a little, I had to go outside and explore, oh yes.
I love the park right around the corner from my apartment - specially in summer - but powdered in snow, it at least looks just as amazing. I walked through paths with snow up to my ankles, the sun felt like a little heat all over my body, I watched little kids playing with their sleighs and just enjoyed the nature. And yes, I love nature. I'm a nature person, I would say. People are surprised about it when I tell them, I wonder why. 
Well, there is something about those two hour walks at beautiful places and taking pictures, that is just not comparable to anything else. It's the perfect way to forget about problems, negative thoughts, people you don't want to think about and stress - the perfect way to forget about the world for a little and focus on small things that make a big difference.

Hope everyone is having a happy day! (:


  1. Die Bilder sind toll geworden! Das sieht nach einem wunderschönen Winterspaziergang aus :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Nina von

    1. vielen dank, das ist lieb, es war auch wirklich ein walk im winter wonderland (:
      happy 2015 fuer dich!

  2. Die Bilder sind wirklich schön!

    Liebe Grüße, Jana

  3. Und diese Winterbilder sind aber auch sehr schön :)

    allerliebste Grüße...