Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gorgeous Greece [2]

Here comes the second part of my pictures from my Greece vacation.
Day 5: "3-Island Tour" On a very cool boat with matrasses to lay in the sun and waterslides, we went from Cos to the three greek islands Kalimnos, Plati and Pserimos. This was all about the sun and the sea (and a little bit traditional greek architecture). We went to really nice beaches and bay's that weren't all full of tourists and the really fun part was when we anchored somewhat in the middle of the sea, the boat took out its waterslides and we all just jumped into the water. I've never done such thing before and it was really nice. (: 

 Sunset in Marmari<3

Sixth day: Nissyros. This was the most beautiful and traditional Island from everywhere we've been in Greece. 
Favorite Place

Fish spa!

The last day, we've rented a convertible for the day and drove around Cos. It was so fun seeing the beautiful nature, having the sun shine on the skin, driving the sometimes veryyyy twisting roads and listening to the best chill music on the radio. omg. We've enjoyed life to its fullest. Seing the sun set from up the hill just gave our last day the perfect end to it.

Hangin loose.

And bam! Such wonderful vacation is over, just like that. Thank god, the days after being back in Germany it was still so nice out, but the last couple days have been like crap. With every day getting colder and colder I miss Greece more and more! Oh well, memories stay on forever and now reality is back on, yay! Laters, Lovelys! xx

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