Monday, September 9, 2013

Gorgeous Greece [1]

Hello there(: I've been back from vaca for a couple days, but didn't really have time to catch up... So now I have a free evening to finally arrange pictures and do an update. Since I have quite a lot of pictures to upload I'll divide them in three posts or so. 
So, here are the first days in Cos snapshoted with my camera

Our flight was very early in the morning and so, the good thing was, that we arrived at the hotel very early and we still had the entire day ahead of us, the bad thing was though, that I didn't really got to sleep that night and I was sick... So, the first day was just all about sleeping, going swimming and explored the area a little bit.

After a nice long night of sleep and my cold probably being washed away from the sea or so, we started our second day in Cos City. It's a really cute town with a nice harbour, lots of restaurants and bars and a big beach of course. It was a shame that we didn't picked out a hotel here because there was just so much more to do than in our town we stayed at...

This was our favorite restaurant called Barbouni. Gorgeous location, decorated all in white and directly on the sea. Paradise-like. (:

On the third day, we decided to do the Cos-Island Tour to see what the city has to offer and to learn a little about the history of Cos specially the Greek Mythology. Cos is the home of Hippokrates...blah...blah... (:

Zia-it's a village up in the mountains with perfect view of Cos, the sea and its islands unfortunately full of tourists, it was packed!


We had such huge waves, so since we're using contact lenses, we bought ourselves some goggles and the party started in the sea. We had so much fun riding on the we looked so super retarted but who caressss?
This is the most funny picture ever, omg it made it on my blog. She's not posing!!! ;D

Been to the best Beach Bar in Cos City. Natives know best! (:
Sunset and Harbour.

We even got invited to a boat trip, didn't stay long though... Camera settings sucked on the second pictures, still love it (:

The rest of the pictures are coming soon! xx

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