Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seeyou Soon Summer!

This is boring-brownie-me probably taking the last summery picture this year...
So, what can I say...?! It's the official end of summer and I miss it already! My friend says I suffer from winter depression... well jeees and it's not even close to winter! I just love summer, the sun, the warmth, going on vacation, breathing in the ocean breeze, walking along the beach and feeling the salt on my skin, only even sun&warmth at home in Germany is fine with me...well let's say IF there is any! I really do think that weather is part of people's life-philosophy. People in southern countries seem to be so much more happy and not as grumpy and discontent as for example the lovely germans. 
Plan A: Moving somewhere where the sun never sets.
Plan B: We'll see. 
haha let's dream a little.
Let's try to shine anyway, eventhough the summer can't make me do so.

So, here's goodbye to the summer, I'll miss you terribly and see you next year! I'm off trying to fix my winter depression now, haha! Have a wonderful day, Lovelys! xx

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