Monday, December 2, 2013

December Days.

Helloooo!! Oh Gosh, it's December!! It's one out of twelve months in a year but for me December is not like any other. I mean you know, there is not really a big difference between July and August or may and November etc. but December is just a special time of a year, I guess. There is just so much I associate this month with. It's finally getting ice cold and snowy outside. Every day, I open up one of my little stockings from the Advent Calender. The house is decorated with christmas stuff and candles. Christmas is not far, so christmas shopping tends to be a side effect of a lot other things I do. Exams come closer and closer, so studying is number one on the To Do-List. ...but the most scary thing with theee december is, that it's almost the end of a year eventhough I do exactly remember last december like it was yesterday.
So, well let's not hate December, because it's christmas time (:


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