Friday, December 27, 2013

Over & Out.

Hello Lovelys! Since christmas is over, here comes my late christmas update. So, I'm back on track.

Christmas Market with the family. After we went to a concert from the Berlin Star Singers. Lovely Night (:

Daytrip with my friends to Leipzig. The Christmas Market was very pretty and much more traditional, I loved it!

Christmas Eve at my parents. My Sister and I
First Course of the christmas menu. nomnom.

It was really unusual but very nice to spend christmas eve only with my parents and my sister. The past years, the whole family christmas ceremony took place at our house... so, this was more quiet and chilled. Over the holidays though, we either had people visiting or went to visit but I guess that's what christmas is all about, right?!
I gotta admit I am a little annoyed by people's probably most important part of christmas: the presents. Either people will wish me a wonderful christmas with lots of presents or afterwards all they are asking is what I got for christmas. "Did you get something nice for christmas? What did you get? What did you give you parents?"... blablablah. Is it really that important? I mean yeah, we got presents under the christmas tree, a lot. But does that mean, that's all about christmas? No! I really enjoyed the time with my family, watching fairy tales, cooking and all that.
Hope you all had a magical-wondeful christmas!! xx

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