Friday, January 2, 2015

Twinkling Twothousandfifteen.

Hello there! 
Ok so, I remember last year telling my best friend, that I don't want to celebrate new years. At all. She asked why - because there is really nothing to celebrate for 2014, I said, its gonna be miserable anyway. And I am not perfectly crazy about celebrating some expectedly unexciting events, that you pretty much can sum up with the lovely word bullshit.
Besides the things I was able to expect for the year to come, life decided that I haven't had enough of it and sent me even more little lovely cute gifts of dog poop in a perfectly wrapped pink bow. - btw thanks for that, the ties were generous! - Some people may say it all happened because of my negative attitude towards this year - well maybe yes and maybe no. Probably yes. So let's just screw the year 2014 then and hope for a better 2015 to come! I had a very nice New Year's Eve party with my friends and I am pretty sure it's gonna be a good year!(:

Happy 2015 Lovelys!
I hope you all have a great year with lots of unforgettable memories, positive experiences and fun adventures!

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