Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rare & Random.

Hello there! Why is the weekend always flying by way too fast??? Well, but I think that means it was a good one and you pretty much spent it pretty nicely (:
Here is my weekend outfit with some new in's and the perfect red lipstick shade. Also, I haven't posted an 'about me facts' for so long and always found them so interesting on other bloggers that I thought oh yes that's what I am gonna do. So here is my 20 random facts about me:

1. Receiving flowers or tea as a gift – wow, that shit makes me happy.
2. I suffer from RBF - Resting Bitch Face, which basically means that my doing-nothing-face always looks like I am pissed – apologies! I’d really change that if I could.
3. I am a light sleeper. I wake up from the most little noises and movements – it’s very nerve wrecking.
4. I love buying socks with funny prints on.
5. When I first got my glasses, I hated them so much, that I threw them around my room. Let’s take a minute and be grateful that contact lenses exist.

6. I won’t ever set my alarm to an even time – basically impossible. 06:31AM it is!
7. I am and always have been terrified of public sanitation. – If I was at an unfamiliar place, I would usually ask a friend to come to the restrooms with me. I believe there are dirt bugs coming out of the drain to scare me – most definitely.
8. I love cold sticky pizza.
9. My dad’s philosophy with staying dry from rain is to always bring an umbrella because if you do, it won’t rain. – I deeply believe in that and it works!
10. Watching TV is the last option I would consider if I was bored – I dislike it. IN CASE I do, I would probably be watching a documentary about places, animals, food or psychological stuff. Or the news.

11. I love capers.
12. From when I was little until now: An airplane in the air – how the hell is this working, that shit is magic. (even though I could exactly explain why it works, it’s still incredible.)
13. I wanted to study psychology for so long – I did not because I didn’t want to need therapy too. It still is super interesting.
14. If I could, I would buy myself a new brain with a much bigger memory function. I can’t remember anything. Well, unimportant stuff I do remember, of course.
15. I don’t understand why people always think I am so into fashion and beauty. I like it but at so many times, I could really care less.

16. When eating Toffifee, I bite around the hazelnut and eventually take the nut out as a whole piece and put it neatly back into the little container spots. I still love it to death.
17. If a song is on which I know the lyrics of, I will definitely sing along with it. At parties, grocery stores, on the streets – anywhere.  Well, there doesn’t even need to be a song playing I guess.
18. When I see a cute animal or even stuffed animal – no matter what – I will be so genuine and say hello to them.
19. Nature really amazes me. A lot more than buildings/cities/people. I would just stand there gazing at a panoramic view and forget the world. In those moments the best ideas come into my head and my creativity is infinite. I would probably write stuff down in one of my 83658305 journals.
20. When I first meet people, I always like the ones who don’t hesitate to tell me the ugly mean truth. I don’t trust those I-am-ALWAYS-super-nice-people.

Cardigan: Only
Shirt: Vero Moda 
Jeans: Noisy May
Belt: H&M
Lipstick: Make-up designory; color: Lucky 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!


  1. Schöner Beitrag und klasse Bilder!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Replies
    1. aw, thank you and that is really nice to know that i am not the only one haha.

  3. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you tons!! I will definitely visit your blog!!

  4. Das Outfit ist wirklich mega schön! :) Genauso würde ich es auch tragen.

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Du meinem Blog auch einen Besuch abstattest :3

    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Daaankeee! Und klar schaue ich gern vorbei!! (:

  5. wow Anja wie kann man nur so hübsch sein?
    bist du auch neu in der bloggerwelt?
    habe dich gerade "gefunden" und verliebt!
    hast einen neuen Leser, tolle look, weiter so <3

    Hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei <3

    1. aw lieben lieben dank, das ist so lieb! Bin naja bin eigentlich nicht mehr so neu, habe meinen blog schon eine weile,aber eher secretly anonymos gehabt haha.
      Ich schaue auf jeden fall vorbei!!! (:

  6. You look great Anja! I love your blog.

  7. interesting post...:) no.20 is so interesting concept...

    1. thank you Kelly. haha well interesting maybe but sad at the same time haha

  8. Die Fotos sind total schön :)

  9. oh dear! I love this outfit! *-*
    gorgeous shirt!