Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fruity Fragrance.

Hi Hey Hello!
There is something about Victoria's Secret body splashes, that remind me of the young lovely teenager bloggers from Scandinavia or so, who would probably own every single scent of the splashes, that would neatly be arranged on a special shelf at the most obvious corner of their room, haha. I don't want to insult anyone with this, I just think it is very funny how those products have been hyped and started to get this popular. - I wonder who started this because I myself think the body splashes from the American brand Bath & Body Works are much more worth buying and cheaper.
Oh well, even though the number of B&BW sprays predominate in my bathroom cabin, here comes my favorite highlyhyped-fancypantsy-victoria's-secret-bodysplash and I love it to death. I've been a very faithful user of this one frangrance for years now. - LOVE SPELL
cherry Blossom & peach.

I got it at a parfume store at the Outlet Center in Berlin (and no, unfortunately not for an outlet kinda price) and I was really surprised they had it at such store. I was very happy though because my old one was almost empty, that I had to be very saving the last couple of month. 
What's your favorite? 


  1. Der Duft der VS Produkte ist einfach immer absolut himmlisch

  2. Das hatte ich ganz ganz früher auch mal und mochte es sehr :)

    1. Haha, ja wie gesagt - hatte mein erstes auch vor ewigkeiten gekauft. es gibt sicher auch schon viele weitere tolle flavors, aber hier stecken auch viele erinnerungen drin. (: