Sunday, February 22, 2015

Phone Photobooth.

Hi there!
My rule number one with taking pictures was pretty simple: take it with your SLR or don't take it at all. But throughout the years it has been quite a pain because I never had a 'simple' picture of 'little' - let's call it 'less important' - things, because obviously you don't carry your camera everywhere... The other reason was, that I don't know how. Yes, seriously I am a retard when it comes to taking pictures with a - with any - mobile phone. It feels extremely odd to take pictures with it and at the same time to try to make it look nice. But I knew I should learn how to. So one of my self-reminders for 2014 was: #28495 Take photos with your mobile phone. - And it worked out pretty OK, I think.
Here is an update from my last couple of weeks, that didn't make it through my canon. (:
1. Watching the most beautiful sunset when my sister and I waited for the train to go back home from the berlin outlet centre.
2. Selfie in the changing room of this royal blue shirt - it fit awfully but I love this color.
3. A First: Matcha Latte - it tasted pretty good! 
4. At Dean&David having salad and tea with my sister.
5. To get or not to get - that is the question. I did not.
6. Flea market with my lovely friend.
7. Fell in love with these shoes, couldn't resist buying them. Pictures are coming up asap.
8. Flea market treasures.
9. I had to run some errands and instead of making my boring ponytail, I put my hair up in a braid within literally 5 minutes. - When looking at the pictures I was amazed how good the hair looked even if I didn't put much effort to it.
10. Exactement.
11. After 4 month of only having an ugly light bulb hangning from the ceiling, I finally got my little chandelier.
12. At my friends for dinner - mashed parsnip-savoy cabbage with chicken nuggets covored in hazelnut-parmesan powder
13. Runing Team Nike  
14. My beloved bed - changed my room a little.
15. French braid, red lipstick - Saturday night.
16. Chiara Ferragni.
17. Hipster Glasses.
18. Sunday walk on top of the hill in Berlin. 
19.+20. Working on Fashionweek.


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