Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tea Time.

Hello Beautiful People!
The thing is I love tea and I am pretty much the biggest tea junkie I know. But seriously, what is better than getting crawled up in bed - specially when it's incredibly cold outside - reading a book and drinking delicious hot tea out of this hugely tremendous cup other people don't even own in their gigantic kitchen equipment bigger than their little kitchen cabins can even store. Well and I guess it's fine - not everyone needs them then. Other people would probably wonder about me not having espresso cups or a microwave... So, yes I love tea and I own a pretty big cabinet full of all sorts of tea I have stopped counting - even though I never started. 
So, I've made this tea discovery the other day at Starbucks. It was pretty late evening and I had a chat with my friend and instead of ordering some sort of coffee - because drinking coffee that late wouldn't make me fall asleep the next hours - I ordered tea. I was craving for something sweet that evening but didn't want to buy any fattening deliciously looking desserts, so I decided to go for a rooibos tea flavored with vanilla. Vanilla. Tasty synthetically produced Vanilla. Vanilla aroma! YUM! I thought oh well one cup of it wont make me die and it - UNsurprisingly - tasted very good.
Because here is the rule I have when it comes to buying tea: All ingredients need to be natural without any processed elements. 
Here is the sad part: I didn't only drink it, I also bought a full can of it the day after, because it was so unbelievably tasty. Ughh. 
So, to all of you who don't care about unnatural additives, go buy this tea! - Or maybe you are so used to those strong intensely tasting teas with aroma, that you wouldn't even fancy this one, haha - no offends.
Ok, this was my little stupid story about my tea. Now I go make myself some - not this one though, it is for special occasions, ha.


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