Monday, February 23, 2015

Her Heart.

Hey there beautiful people!
Does anyone of you have those nights you can't fall asleep and wish you could switch off your mind?! There you go...

2am. One of those nights she can’t fall asleep. Is it because of her heart beating so loud she can hear every single beat or is it her worries in her head screaming to be solved? "too much coffee" she thinks. She drank a huge mug in the afternoon, because she probably didn’t feel good - she was tired and thought it would make it better - It didn’t though. That’s the thing with caffeine drinks - they never help you when they should. Instead of making you stay focused throughout the day, it makes your heart beat faster. The unusual fast beats scare the hell out of her. 02:30am. Still awake. BumpBump. Her Heart beats faster. Besides the maintaining worries in her head, her mind is now stressing out about needing to fall asleep because otherwise tomorrow will be terrible - starting a Monday with a huge lack of sleep is not going to be a good base for a productive week. Her heart beats so strong, she is feeling her chest moving up and down. “Need fresh air”, she thinks. Opening the window. A big breeze of cold clear air is going through her lungs, float up her body and finally coming up her head. It feels relieving, energizing. She can’t keep her eyes open -can’t help it. Her body is tired, her mind is wide awake. While trying to relax, her thoughts are drifting away. Suddenly there is a huge shower coming over her, the feeling of goose bumps, that make her shake. She is shutting the window wanting to escape back into her warm cozy bed. The thoughts are back in her head making her feel dizzy. “Why can I not switch off my brain for once” she thought. 3am. The sound of the clock ticking slowly fades away from her ears. Her thoughts are no longer in her mind stopping her from sleeping. Breathing becomes slower and there she is diving into dreamland being carefree like no other time of the day. Finally.



  1. Richtig gut geschrieben! Wow! Und ich glaube jeder (vor allem wir Mädels) kennen das leider :/

    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Aw, danke das freut mich, dass es dir gefaellt! Und jaaa ich glaube auch - ich wuenschte ich koennte einfach immer und ueberall einfach so einschlafen, wie es die meisten maennlichen wesen koennen haha.
      Einen wunderschoenen abend wuensche ich dir!

  2. Ich bin neidisch auf deine Haare! :O