Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snatch.

Hi Hey Hello!
Since I no longer live with my parents, I love to return back home for a day or two. It has always been time to escape from the busy city and my everyday life into a world full of memories, people you have known your entire life and smells that you are so familiar with.
This time - since it was Sunday and there was the "Sunday big deal meal" going on, I decided to take the meal on me and cooked for my parents: 
Fish curry with brown rice and salad.
It was a good alternative to chicken curry and it was even more healthy. 

So, my Sunday was pretty much well spent with quality time with my parents, coffee time around the afternoon (which I never do myself), listening to my dad playing the guitar - I adore this - and finishing the day off with a 10K run with my dad.

Hope Everyone is having a good start for the week! - Don't forget to smile (:

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