Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blue Bitterness.

It was my Sister's Birthday and we celebrated it in a Bar called Reingold in Berlin, which is popular for its "best cocktails in town". They really have unique types of drinks that are very delicious and freshly made. The motto is "the twenties", so the music is very oldschool and all the servants wore some kind of uniform, it's so cool. The only thing I hated about the bar that wont make me necessarily go there again was, that everyone was allowed to smoke. Yuk! That's why I left so early, I couldn't stand it.
I was happy to spend the day with my sister because lately I've never been home for her birthdays. 
"Sissy, what can I say?! You're the fcking best." -the last part of my bday text haha.
Best Sister All Over The World<3

Right the next day, my Dad had his big Birthday Party with family and friends.  My sister made this amazing cake, that symolistically represented our gift for him -a family weekend trip with a bungalow-boat. My dad seemed so happy, sometimes he should be the luckiest man in the world to have three caring women like my mom, my sister and I. ha.ha.
This cake by the way weighs about 4Kg and measures up to 40cm height. Even the boat on the top is eatable. Crazy shitttt. ;D
Chillsunday! Friday and Saturday were stressful days with only little sleep but fun times, so I spent the day at home in our garden, enjoyed the sun and forgot the world for a little. (:
Bought the jacket a little while ago and always forgot to post it: 
49,95€ by Amisu
Too many fucking disappointments are usually a sign of too many fucking expectations. -So I'm better off not having any then, let's go.

First day this year having tea-time outside in our lovely garden with selfmade cake. Aw, we get closer and closer to the summer! *-*
Still need to recover from the weekend, omg I'm not used to anything anymore, haha. But how to recover when I have so much school shit to do?! Well, I'm ready for two hard ass working weeks then, I guess. ;D 
Bye for now, Lovelys. xx

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