Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello Lovelys, I hope you all had a happy Easter and enjoyed the holidays!! My mom and I decorated the house very easter-springy-like, specially because it didn't seem like it outside at all. I wonder who on earth had appropriate easter weather?! I checked the weather in NYC, they even had 7°C. Well, at least we're not the only one...

My mom even let me hunt for my easter eggs, in the living room, haha. After so many years wanting the XXL Lindt Chocolate bunny, I finally got it!! Mama is the best!(:

Ok, I am so sick of people asking me "This is no winter coat, Isn't it so cold?" OMG, yes it is cold, but I rather want to cope with the cold than still wearing my winter coat!! IT IS SPRING! (eventhough the weather feels not like it) In my world, it's spring and I no longer do what the weather tells me to do because it is a supermegaunfairmean b.i.t.c.h.!
Let's all hope for the best!! xx

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