Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Mind Meets May.

Hello Lovelovelovelys!!
I'm an OPI-lover but lately I explored Essie and I gotta say it's pretty good stuff!! 
Left: Lovie Dovie 
Middle: Blanc
Right: Camera
Camera looks more pink and neon-ish than on camera... Obsessed with this nailpolish!! Unfortunately, it's from a limited edition, I got it from my sister.

Today morning, it rang on the door and a package came with the mail... and it was for me even!! It was soo unexpected because I only ordered my shoes on Thursday very late evening, so those Lovelys made today's rainy and grey morning just soso much better. (:
So, yes eventhough the pouring rain wasn't exactly welcoming me outside I decided to get up and go into Braunschweig because I had to return something at H&M and wanted to get a city guide for my trip to Paris. Yupp, I love city guides and even if the digitalization is very helpful I sometimes stick to the roots. So I spent 20€ on that City Guide because it's just so handy and I've made some good experience with Guides by LonelyPlanet!!
Paris City Guide by Lonely Planet 
While I was waiting for my train to go home I had some coffee and made first plans. *-*
That happens when I have to return stuff in a store.... Well, at least I didn't spend more money than I should have gotten back. haha.
Lately I've been making so many good deals. This sweater was a bargainnn! It was on Sale from 29,95€ to 7€. WTF?!?

Cozy Saturday night with selfmade burger's+salad, The Big Bang Theory, my bed and my good friend<3

Paris is coming closer<3 xx

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