Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wander In Weirdoland.

Hello Lovelys! After Easter my best friend came to visit and we thought we should take some nice pictures of us, I mean after so many years knowing each other we have tons of photos of us, but not really nice ones. 
Favorites: (:

Nothing compares to selfmade Heart Pizza, "The Intachables"-DVD and Ben&Jerry's with my best friend!!


Some people are just too normal. too average. too boring. I don't necessarily want to sound like a hipsta (haha) but I must say: You only live once. You're only young once. So, be special. be unique. be weird. and say YOLO! Sooooo, If I'll ever say you're weird, take it as a compliment, I mean who wants to be normal, anyway?! xx