Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bronze, Baby.

Hello Lovelys, here comes just a little update of some products I recently bought/got. Very busy lately, sorry! xx

My best friend and I wanted to try out the tan lotion by St. Tropez and surprise surprise it was on sale on for about 12€. This lotion builds up the tan from day to day, it's really easy to handle and a nice brown-isch (and not orange looking) result.

I got the baby Bioderma from my friend for easter. I always said I'd buy this even if I never tried it before because it's so hyped by all the beauty bloggers, so she thought I might like to try it before I buy a huge bottle of it. And I gotta say: I don't know why it is so hyped. I mean I like it and it clears off my face perfectly. But what really makes this product so popular...I don't know.

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