Monday, April 22, 2013

Rockstar Race.

My first frozen drink at Starbucks means it finally got warm out, yay(: What's better than a coffee Frappucino and a warm pretzel at Ditch?! I had to run some errands before the weekend going home...
Sooo, yes I love leather and studs are so amazing! The part that I don't like about them is, that they have become soo instyle, it's almost hipster... About two years ago, I was looking for some biker boots with studs-accessorize, I could barely find any but now they sell every piece of clothes with studs. e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. I gotta say this is a little annoying because everyone has it, but I still thought this shouldn't keep me away from buying at least this piece of love. haha. 
My friend wanted to go into Primark when we were in Hannover, so I didn't have high expectations because this store is not really my cup of tea. But on our way out I spotted this vest by accident and it was on sale for 15€, so I had to get it. The lace shirt under it is from Primark as well, about 10€. 
Fcking love it. But yes, I still dislike Primark.

I generally was looking for comfortable flats that wont give my feet any blisters for my Paris vacation soon, so I found these at Primark as well. They are amazingly cute and perfectly comfortable. For ridiculous 7,50€ I thought why not. Oh gosh, I kind of get a bad conscience by buying cheap stuff with poor quality like this because you'll throw it away sooner than later. (ohoh, my environmental awareness&I...) I swear not to do it very often, thought!!!

Next post is coming pretty soon. Hope you have a good start in the week, Lovelys!! xx

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