Monday, December 30, 2013

Wonderful Winter Weather.

Hi there! After four ridiculous days of being super sick, I'm finally at least a little better. Today was gorgeous weather, so I put on my warmest coat and boots and went out a little. It was so nice to breathe fresh air and get some sun beams on my skin. Even got a little freckleface ;D 

I feel: somewhere between calmness and panic.
I hear: Adele's Someone like you.
I think: If time will just always always always fix the pain or if it someday will be too much for time to wash away the pain.
I wish: I was somewhere warm, probably on the beach and don't worry about the world for a little.
I miss: laughing with my best friend.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Over & Out.

Hello Lovelys! Since christmas is over, here comes my late christmas update. So, I'm back on track.

Christmas Market with the family. After we went to a concert from the Berlin Star Singers. Lovely Night (:

Daytrip with my friends to Leipzig. The Christmas Market was very pretty and much more traditional, I loved it!

Christmas Eve at my parents. My Sister and I
First Course of the christmas menu. nomnom.

It was really unusual but very nice to spend christmas eve only with my parents and my sister. The past years, the whole family christmas ceremony took place at our house... so, this was more quiet and chilled. Over the holidays though, we either had people visiting or went to visit but I guess that's what christmas is all about, right?!
I gotta admit I am a little annoyed by people's probably most important part of christmas: the presents. Either people will wish me a wonderful christmas with lots of presents or afterwards all they are asking is what I got for christmas. "Did you get something nice for christmas? What did you get? What did you give you parents?"... blablablah. Is it really that important? I mean yeah, we got presents under the christmas tree, a lot. But does that mean, that's all about christmas? No! I really enjoyed the time with my family, watching fairy tales, cooking and all that.
Hope you all had a magical-wondeful christmas!! xx

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cheering Christmas

Hello there (: I can't say it enough how much I love christmas time! Unfortunately, I've been really busy with school projects and studying in general for Uni, exams coming up. But I thought today, I would do a little update about me being in christmas mood. 

Came through the mail from Mama-Nikolaus (:

Christmasmarket in Braunschweig. First time this year!!! Lovely Lights*-*


Schmalzkuchen mit Nutella!
I feel: the sun coming through the window, shining directly in my face.
I think: I should get going and get ready to go to Uni.
I wish: it was friday to finally go home for christmas.
I miss: the snow!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Days.

Helloooo!! Oh Gosh, it's December!! It's one out of twelve months in a year but for me December is not like any other. I mean you know, there is not really a big difference between July and August or may and November etc. but December is just a special time of a year, I guess. There is just so much I associate this month with. It's finally getting ice cold and snowy outside. Every day, I open up one of my little stockings from the Advent Calender. The house is decorated with christmas stuff and candles. Christmas is not far, so christmas shopping tends to be a side effect of a lot other things I do. Exams come closer and closer, so studying is number one on the To Do-List. ...but the most scary thing with theee december is, that it's almost the end of a year eventhough I do exactly remember last december like it was yesterday.
So, well let's not hate December, because it's christmas time (:


Friday, November 22, 2013

People Pretending Permanently.

Hi Hey Hello (: Ughh, haven't had time to update you for so long. Uni is really busy at the moment. This is probably the main reason for it, I am really sorry, but now, always when it comes to the month december, I have to start doing a lot for school. Exams are exactly after New Year's and I don't nessecarily wanna sit at home and study over vacation. 
So, here's a little and let's say a bit personal update of myself:

I mean you know. I question a lot. And when I say a lot, I actually mean a ton and maybe even more. I don’t usually mean it in a negative kind of way because sometimes you just wonder about something you don’t necessarily have any bad intentions by. But yes, maybe this time, it’s not quite positive, I have to admit. Or maybe I just see it that way, it’s all so relative, anyway. So, tonight is one of those nights that I’m home alone sitting in bed with my hot water bottle and some tea instead of having to be really busy doing some stuff for school. It’s ironic, that at times when I actually should be doing some important work, my mind tends to slip away and just thinks about stuff. Stuff. Stuff like “what would have felt it like growing up in another country? Who decides what’s right and what’s wrong? Or Is there any other more powerful reference number than time?” Well, today my mind suddenly came across people. Just people. Those, who are everywhere, who I’m surrounded by at public places or even sometimes even in privacy. People. Why would I think about people? What do I exactly mean by “thinking about people”? I mean you know, I never ever want to say I’m a great person, or that I’m perfect or anything like this. The thing is, I always try to act fairly, treat people the way I wanted to be treated in the given circumstances, be honest and say what I feel. I don’t get a bad conscience, because either I do what I think is right or I don’t do it at all.
So here’s what it is, I don’t literally hate people, I just can’t stand their superficiality, their choosing-words-carelessly-because they-don’t-bother-how-it-can-affect-others-acting. Why is it, that everyone wants to get treated right and they all want kindness and they want help and they want this and they want that. But when it comes to treating other people they think “so what, it’s their problem, not mine; I’m not obligated to help and this is none of my business […]” Yes, it’s true, it might not be exactly your business sometimes, but think about if you were in this situation, wouldn’t it make you happy when someone you don’t even know was there and helped you? If some stranger just came up to you and helped you collecting the money that just fell out of your wallet a second ago? It’s only little things but still, I’m sure you would be thankful! I don’t understand why everyone is so selfish and careless. It seems like everyone just wants to be the first, wants to do best, wants to succeed, the consequences for all participants does just not matter at all. People only decide for their own interest, this is sad. They can’t even be happy for someone else because of thinking “Why couldn’t I be that great?; Why couldn’t I achieve that goal; Why does she look so pretty, why her not me?” I’m just not a jealous person in general, all the people I love deserve the world and for those people I don’t know, I’m still happy when they are. Is life really an evil contest? Seriously, why do people rather want to hear beautiful lies than the ugly truth and what’s the point in lying anyway? Some people just have various characters in front of other people and this is not who they really are, but why are they all just pretending? Having a particular opinion one day and changing it the other because they realize it’s so much cooler to act like that in front of their oh so cool friends or whatever. Is it in style to not to be true to yourself? I really mean that. Being all nice to someone you actually don’t like and talk shit about when they leave the room, is this how you live values? It’s funny that people never practice what they preach. But at least they preach, so they seem to be a good person… but really, they are not. Not at all. Hey, it’s not about the words you are saying, it’s about acting that way! Ever thought about this? There are a thousand of different characters in the world and of course we can’t just be all the same but I think some values like truth and fairness, everyone will appreciate, everyone. I find it sad that one person pretends to have various characters because all they really have is no character. You can’t please everyone, stop that, it’s not possible. No one will judge you for having different opinions about people, all you gotta do is stay fair and try to be objective. Just because you don’t agree and have a different opinion about something doesn’t mean you can’t express yours out loud. What are you scared of? Getting laughed at? Getting judged? No, they won’t and if they do, they are not worth your time anyway!! 
I still try to believe the good in people and I always hope that in the very deep down they have good intentions, but unfortunately sometimes life proved me wrong. And I still wonder why that is. So, if you caught yourself telling a lie to someone, if you sometimes are jealous about something or talk shit about people you don’t have any right to, first think about if you would like to get treated that way! Be the kind of person you want to meet!

Lots of Love xx

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hello there! Isn't it always the case with those parties you don't plan on staying too long because you have plans the day after, that they're the best one's and you stay until morning?! Well, after three hours of solid sleep, my parents and I went to Potsdam to visit the New Palace at the Parc Sanssouci. It was lovely and I really love the magnificial architecture and the parc itself is just beautiful! And of course I brought my oh so loved camera with me... My mom was amazed by what details I even notice and take shot's of. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's incredible how people look at the world differently. I'm kinda in love with details, I guess. And I think the thing with photography is kind of obvious: You see something nice, you wanna capture it somehow and here you try to snapshot it the best way you can. A good photographer even sees something ugly and makes it look beautiful in the way he/she illustrates the object in the picture. I guess I still gotta learn a ton!
Here's Potsdam through the eyes of my camera and through my point of view:

Nowadays, It's such a rare thing to let their kite fly or to feed ducks on the lake and be generally on the fresh air. Unfortunately, our today's society likes videogames and TV so much better. I really liked that he flew the kite and his little children were watching from the distance. (: