Sunday, October 27, 2013

Slothful Sunday.

Heya! The day started pretty late with selfmade english breakfast at my friend's and now it's only about laying lazy in bed reading, listening to nice music and being on my laptop. Nothing like hangover sundays, haha.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bronze Bunny.

Hey there! When I was in Paris in May, I bought the Too Faced Snow Bunny and I started loving this stuff so so much, that I was crazy about getting the Sun Bunny as well. But of course, you can't get them anywhere in Germany except online. So my sister was in Milano and got it for me at the lovely store Sephora. Seriously, why is there no Sephora Germany??? );
Ok, so as I said, I love this bronzer. It includes two brown-ish colors. The lighter one is more settle for contouring and the darker color is a shimmery bronzer. Very good pigmentation and it's very long lasting.

Sun Bunny by Too Faced


Have a great weekend! xx

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello Lovelys! Omg, it's the end of october and It's been sooo amazingly beautiful and warm outside. I seriously pulled out my jeans jacket again which I wore in summer. But of course since it's NOT summer anymore I combined it with ankle boots and a chunky scarf. That's a new in, by the way and I love it!

Keep On Dreaming, Dreamer's! xx

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ben's Best!

I can't put in words how amazing this ice cream is, unfortunately Germany only has several flavors ); but still cookie dough is the fcking bestest! (:
Have a great weekend!! xx

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love Lace.

Heya, always forgot to post this, it's my new sweater from H&M with lace all over, I love it! The material is a little scratchy inside, but I'm always wearing a button-up shirt under it, anyway.

So, I have a busy and long day ahead of me, ughhh. Have a good day you all! xx

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a Wonderful World.

And noooo, it didn't rain again! Wonderful sunny day for taking a walk. (:

Have a good start of the week, lovelys! xx

Marvellous Morning.

Goodmorning world! It's such a moment of happiness when waking up in the morning after 3 days of solid rain and seeing the blue sky, aw!! The sky looked so amazing, but I think the front of rainy clouds will spread out eventually since they predicted rain for today as well, buhhh!

Another moment of happiness is waking up without the alarm, making some coffee and going back to bed checking some blogs out, reading some magazines and listening to music (White Lies -"Big TV" is on).

Hope everyone has an awesome sunday, don't worry about monday yet! xx

Friday, October 11, 2013

Utterly Urgent Update.

Heyhey! I don't ever take pictures with my phone with the intention of posting/showing them somewhere but I looked at them this time and some are sort of ok, so I thought why not doing an update right now...
1: Favorite black sweater with a white button up shirt under it. -story of my fall. 2:Watching the sunset from out of the window on the train going home. 3: Baking team sissy. 4: Best buy's at the drugstore. 5: Ginashoppinglove. 6: nope, no duckface! x 7: Pumkin decoration, chillin at home. 8: Vietnamese rice paper rolls with prawns. 9: most important word said on the most important piece of clothes.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Russian Red.

Hi guys! October has let the sun shine quite a few days here in Germany and it's not even the mid of the month, yay! If it's not rainy nor grey, I can cope with the cold, haha. 

vest: H&M
sweater: Cotton On
boots: Hallhuber
necklace: New Look
lipstick: Rouge Coco 31 by Chanel

See you soon! xx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Candle Ceromony.

Hello Lovelys! I went shopping for a wintercoat yesterday, well I feel like I’ve tried on every single coat they sell in Berlin… not one fulfilled my excpectations though. Sooo, all I got were these amazing candles from Yankee Candles, I loooove them so much! They sell them at the department store Karstadt  and it was so hard to pick some out, I almost liked every scent. That’s what I ended up getting:
-Lake Sunset
-Clean Cotton
-Beach Walk 

-Pink Sands
-Season of Peace

Clean Cotton is my all time favorite. It kinda smells like a fabric conditioner, very fresh and settle. BEST! xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

Black Biker Boots.

Hellooo! I've been looking everywhere for theeeee perfect black biker boots... They were all either too chunky, or too low, or too many studs etc.... But finally I found the perfect boots and ordered them immediately and I'm so thankful I did, because a couple days later they went out of stock. Well, I'm in love.
Biker Boots by Hallhuber: 119,95 €

 Not even one day of owning them, I had to take them out for a walk and I have to say they are so so comfortable and the pretty thick sole creates a perfect walking comfort.

See you soon! xx

Raspberry Rose.

Helloooo! Yesterday we all had the day off because of the holiday. So, my sister and I decided to spend the day together baking. I've always wanted to make such cake, so it was the perfect day to do so. I've got the recipe from this website. And it worked out very well!! We've changed the recipe a little bit:
- used a six inch pan
-used the rasperries only as mousse for the buttercream, none on top
-made 4 layers instead of 5
-started the ombre on the opposite site 
-made only one set of buttercream, and that was plenty 

I was very surprised of how good the dough tasted because usually I'm not crazy about normal dough and the buttercream was a total raspberry-dream!  It doesn't look as perfect as in the original recipe, but I think we still did a ver
good job on it! (:

Thanks to sissy, who had so much patience to make this cake with me (we procastinated a little bit when we were halfway, haha) Bestest dreamteam and sister couple, ever!
Hope everyone is happy-faced! xx