Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sunny Sister's Sunday.

Hola Lovelys! Sunday was familychilling mode on the lake with lots of food for brunch and a huge hand full of sun (:

Blazer with floral print: Bershka
Dress: Target (US; 2 years ago)
Shoes: Laura
Necklace: New Yorker
Watch: Michael Kors

I call her Sissy and she's pretty special.
My beautiful sister ❤

In love with lazy days watching the world reflect in the water, observing the boats arriving and leaving the harbor. Feeling the hot sun on my skin, nearly letting my body boil. Listening to the sound of the summerbreeze moving the green leaves on the trees. Oh summer

Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer, Sun & Sandals.

Heyhellohi! Found the perfect sandals, nothing more to add!
Studs & Gold


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Savor.

Hi there! So, sunday lunchtimes are kind of a real big deal. The plan what we are going to cook on sunday has to be all set on friday before grocery shopping! And this sometimes builds up the biggest decision problems ever, because it HAS to be a "Sunday Meal" and not everything you can cook IS an appropriate sunday lunch meal (my moms logic has always been the best)! Yeah, so the meal is one thing -the set up the second. So, the same procedure as every sunday: Helping my mom cook. Setting the dining table (because the kitchen table wont do on sundays) with the nice gold printed dishes (the conventional white ones wouldn't be enough for sundays. of course.), the special silver wear and some nicely colorful luxurous napkins. Besides that, some mellow classical music will transport the perfect emotions for chowing down all the nicely set up food on the table. (my dads rules are the second best.) 
The worst part of all is, that I was the one continuing making the sunday meal such a big deal and yeah, I am really into this lovely looking sunday meal at this nicely decorated venue.. but today, I was just too hangover to care about the dishes and the silver wear, and the set up of the food, and the dessert, and the music... All I wanted was SOME food on any kind of dish even on the kitchen table without any dessert and music. 
But you know, as I said, I still love those 'big deal appropriate sunday lunchtimes', not today, but all the other sundays.

Have a good start in the week, lovelys! 

Needlessly New.

Hello there! I made an order at Optik24plus and finally got the Clubmaster sunglasses, that I've been wanting for soso long now. YES! This was an awesome deal, because the glasses were on sale, the delivery took less than 48h and I got those little essentials with it. I surely was made with love. For me (of course) haha! So yeah, since I've been struggling with buying a real pair of sophistic looking business glasses, I got my third pair of those hyped and overrated Ray-Bans. Why not, huh?! 

So, Summer please let the sun shine! Otherwise I will wear those glasses anyway and will look just as desperate and ridiculous as those women I've been alyways making fun of for wearing their sunglasses eventhough the sky looks like it's about to rain. K Thanks Bye.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend With Windburger.

Aloha! Seriously, what's better than a cheese burger and homemade french fries? I tried out this little burgerplace in Berlin Charlottenburg called Windburger and I really liked it! They have tons of different burgers with all kinds of extras and seriously the homemade fries are the best, we got ours served with cheese sauce, that's what they call "american french fries", not exactly sure why but oh well.


Kudamm Kids.

Hihi! The other day, my friend and I went shopping on "Kurfürstendamm" in Berlin. Once she got my cam, she took pictures and pictures and more pictures. So, I guess those four made it to my blog (((:
My favorite hair look at the moment (a bit too messy, sorry but I've gone through the whole day with it). 
because together we laugh the hardest
My all time favorite casual outfit:


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hiding my Heart.

Hello there! On the carride through the beautiful Brandenburg, my parents and I stopped at this gorgeous little land of Borsig in "Groß Behnitz. It was like a huge parc with a little duck lake, a big old building that was similar to a castle and a big courtyard with all kinds of nostalgic equipment, that made you go back in time. That would seriously be the perfect location for a wedding or some other special occasion, aw.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Soulmate Shoot.

Hello Lovelys! Soulmates... Seriously, when I say soulmate, I mean soulmate! There is no one who understands me better or makes me laugh harder than her. We always think the freaking same thing, it's creepy. It doesn't matter how long we're together, it never gets boring, ever. If I never met her, I'd probably wonder forever about how it is to have a soulmate.


Smile & Shine

Hello there! I just wanted to do a quick update of last weekend -omg the days fly by soso fast. I wandered around Berlin with my old good friend, it was amazing.  

 Jeans Jacket: Gina Tricot
Top: Vero Moda
Shoes: Converse
Bag: L.Credi
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Necklace: H&M 
Watch: Michael Kors
Hope everyone is smiling! xx