Thursday, January 29, 2015

Early Embrace.

Good morning world! 
waking up before the alarm goes off because the sun lightens up your room is something pretty rare and amazing (: So, teatime, reading the news and checking blogs was on very early today.
I wanted to share this little new-old lamp with you, because I am in love with it. It is from my grandmother and it used to have a different (ugly) lamp shade. So I kept the stand and bought a new Lamp shade -in white of course.
It is from the store called Xenos and it was only 4,99 €
BTW - I love Xenos to death. Go check the store out here. Unfortunately they don't have an online shop, so look for the clostest store around you, it's so worth it!
Have a lovely day you all and to those where the sun shows up - enjoy (:

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sensational Sunday.

Hello beautiful people.
I love being back at the home-area and being only a thirty minute train ride away from the family, I can go there whenever I feel like wanting to breath a little rural air and see familiar faces. And particularly for invites on special occasional Sunday dinners, I feel very excited to return home again. So, this time the traditional New Year's Carp was scheduled for Jan 4 and to be honest, I was pretty excited about it.
Ever since I was little, I remember eating carp for New Years and I was never able to work out the problem with the fish bones. So this is the new me having finally figured out how to eat the carp on New Years without choking. It tasted amazing and so I told my Mom. Twice. Once you don't live at home anymore and you have the most caring Mom on earth, you appreciate the things she does a million times more than before, which doesn't necessarily mean that you have always taking her for granted, just that you realize it more...
After finishing the meal, my Dad, who always has ants in his pants wanted us all to go out for a walk. No sun. Extremely windy. OH NO! Oh well, we went and I brought my sunglasses because I was pretty sure the clouds will eventually let the sun come through and that would have been impossible without the shades, hahaa. So thanks to me bringing the glasses, the sun came out and I was -of course- pretty happy. (:

Purse - Dune London
Coat - Only
Scarve - Stradivarius
Gloves - Accessorices 
Ankle boots - Top Mania


Saturday, January 3, 2015

b&w gang.

Hey there!
the only picture from NYE, it was lazy me not taking pictures. They would have been silly and stupid anyway so I thought I'd at least share this one. (:


Friday, January 2, 2015

Twinkling Twothousandfifteen.

Hello there! 
Ok so, I remember last year telling my best friend, that I don't want to celebrate new years. At all. She asked why - because there is really nothing to celebrate for 2014, I said, its gonna be miserable anyway. And I am not perfectly crazy about celebrating some expectedly unexciting events, that you pretty much can sum up with the lovely word bullshit.
Besides the things I was able to expect for the year to come, life decided that I haven't had enough of it and sent me even more little lovely cute gifts of dog poop in a perfectly wrapped pink bow. - btw thanks for that, the ties were generous! - Some people may say it all happened because of my negative attitude towards this year - well maybe yes and maybe no. Probably yes. So let's just screw the year 2014 then and hope for a better 2015 to come! I had a very nice New Year's Eve party with my friends and I am pretty sure it's gonna be a good year!(:

Happy 2015 Lovelys!
I hope you all have a great year with lots of unforgettable memories, positive experiences and fun adventures!