Thursday, September 10, 2015

Believe in Beauty. [Greece Vacation]

Maybe sometimes, all you need is some time on your own. Just you with yourself. No one else. No phone. No internet. No wifi. Let it just be you with that beautiful world. You with the incredible depth of nature. Just you with every tiny bit the world can genuinely offer. Do anything you want to, anything you'd enjoy doing, just only on your own.
“I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilde
Ever read the quote by this dude Mr. Wilde and weren't sure whether to believe him or not - just do! Because you do everything for you. You work for you. You change for you. You define yourself. You are you. - To really be aware of all this, there is no better way than figuring this out on your own. - You'll think. You’ll start to think a shit ton of thoughts. Maybe too much, maybe not. But you'll think about things, that help you be yourself. That makes you realize things about yourself. - Ever asked yourself who you are? Like, who are you? What would you say? Your name’s not you, don’t even start. So, who are you? (:
Just spend some time alone and totally be in love with it, it is very healthy.

So, I basically did - onehundredsixtyeight hours of me-time – well, most of the time at least, it was me on my own…
…in gorgeous Greece!

Ireon, Samos

Heraion, Samos


I am in love with Greece. 
And I am not in love with a lot of things.
The people. 
The buildings.
The flowers.


The people here are so genuine and thankful, it made me super happy. It feels like the heart-out-of-stone-trend hasn't arrived here yet. 
And hopefully never will.

This old woman sitting in front of her little old cottage, barely teeth in her mouth, smiled and waved at me every time I passed.

This man in the supermarket, after me asking where I could possibly wash my apple I bought, took my apple, went in the back of the supermarket and came back with it -wet covered in paper wrap. The greeks in the cashier line were patienly waiting as if it's no big deal.
I seriously did not know how to appropriately thank this man. 
What a lovely gesture.

Skala, Patmos

Those white buildings you get even more blended by because of the sun's reflection have such a beautiful flair. To it, the blue shades make the places look so stunning. 
Some corners I went, I could not believe the beauty of it: Such a magical place - I thought.

Ireon, Samos - Pappa Beach

Samos City, Samos

Even if am still not able to answer "thee" question properly, I am a bit closer to it and I've learned a lot along the way. 

Two years ago, I've lost my heart in Greece the first time (check it out here and here) and I promised myself to definitely come back to this beautiful country. So here I was, this time totally falling in love with it. When I flew back to Berlin, I was a lucky girl to sit on the window and counted all the little islands we flew over. I took a shit ton of pictutres like only a crazy person would do, I was so happy seeing all of this - I still hate this feeling of sitting on the airplane and having to leave a wonderful peaceful place. But I decided to come back - to visit as much Greek islands as possible until I die. Let's see what's next. (:
Hope everyone had an amazing summer. Get prepared for the fall, it will be here rather sooner than later! Ugh!