Monday, April 29, 2013

Live Laugh Love.

Hello Lovelys! When I was looking through my closet I found this not yet worn piece of love (: Bought it a couple weeks ago when I was in Hannover. It's not a secret that I love royal blue, but the combo with white is even better.
Top by Hollister 22€
Laughing is the best medicine<3
Rosegold Watch by Michael Kors
Breakfast&some reading.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flowerchild's Favorite Fairytale.

Lovelys, isn't it beautifully stunning outside?! I enjoyed Spring to its fullest today, it is like a perfect dream!! I don't want to sound ridiculous by saying this, but sometimes you think of those little things that make you happy and then you realize it might be little for other's, but for you it's actually pretty big stuff... So I enjoyed every second of walking through the sun, taking pictures of the gorgeous nature and listening to the birds sing. Braiding a flower crown out of dandelions made me think of when I was little and my sister and I sat in our garden and I watched her making one for me. Aw.
Nothing else to say<3
Ladybird (:

Hope you all are happy faced xx

My Mind Meets May.

Hello Lovelovelovelys!!
I'm an OPI-lover but lately I explored Essie and I gotta say it's pretty good stuff!! 
Left: Lovie Dovie 
Middle: Blanc
Right: Camera
Camera looks more pink and neon-ish than on camera... Obsessed with this nailpolish!! Unfortunately, it's from a limited edition, I got it from my sister.

Today morning, it rang on the door and a package came with the mail... and it was for me even!! It was soo unexpected because I only ordered my shoes on Thursday very late evening, so those Lovelys made today's rainy and grey morning just soso much better. (:
So, yes eventhough the pouring rain wasn't exactly welcoming me outside I decided to get up and go into Braunschweig because I had to return something at H&M and wanted to get a city guide for my trip to Paris. Yupp, I love city guides and even if the digitalization is very helpful I sometimes stick to the roots. So I spent 20€ on that City Guide because it's just so handy and I've made some good experience with Guides by LonelyPlanet!!
Paris City Guide by Lonely Planet 
While I was waiting for my train to go home I had some coffee and made first plans. *-*
That happens when I have to return stuff in a store.... Well, at least I didn't spend more money than I should have gotten back. haha.
Lately I've been making so many good deals. This sweater was a bargainnn! It was on Sale from 29,95€ to 7€. WTF?!?

Cozy Saturday night with selfmade burger's+salad, The Big Bang Theory, my bed and my good friend<3

Paris is coming closer<3 xx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blue Bitterness.

It was my Sister's Birthday and we celebrated it in a Bar called Reingold in Berlin, which is popular for its "best cocktails in town". They really have unique types of drinks that are very delicious and freshly made. The motto is "the twenties", so the music is very oldschool and all the servants wore some kind of uniform, it's so cool. The only thing I hated about the bar that wont make me necessarily go there again was, that everyone was allowed to smoke. Yuk! That's why I left so early, I couldn't stand it.
I was happy to spend the day with my sister because lately I've never been home for her birthdays. 
"Sissy, what can I say?! You're the fcking best." -the last part of my bday text haha.
Best Sister All Over The World<3

Right the next day, my Dad had his big Birthday Party with family and friends.  My sister made this amazing cake, that symolistically represented our gift for him -a family weekend trip with a bungalow-boat. My dad seemed so happy, sometimes he should be the luckiest man in the world to have three caring women like my mom, my sister and I. ha.ha.
This cake by the way weighs about 4Kg and measures up to 40cm height. Even the boat on the top is eatable. Crazy shitttt. ;D
Chillsunday! Friday and Saturday were stressful days with only little sleep but fun times, so I spent the day at home in our garden, enjoyed the sun and forgot the world for a little. (:
Bought the jacket a little while ago and always forgot to post it: 
49,95€ by Amisu
Too many fucking disappointments are usually a sign of too many fucking expectations. -So I'm better off not having any then, let's go.

First day this year having tea-time outside in our lovely garden with selfmade cake. Aw, we get closer and closer to the summer! *-*
Still need to recover from the weekend, omg I'm not used to anything anymore, haha. But how to recover when I have so much school shit to do?! Well, I'm ready for two hard ass working weeks then, I guess. ;D 
Bye for now, Lovelys. xx

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rockstar Race.

My first frozen drink at Starbucks means it finally got warm out, yay(: What's better than a coffee Frappucino and a warm pretzel at Ditch?! I had to run some errands before the weekend going home...
Sooo, yes I love leather and studs are so amazing! The part that I don't like about them is, that they have become soo instyle, it's almost hipster... About two years ago, I was looking for some biker boots with studs-accessorize, I could barely find any but now they sell every piece of clothes with studs. e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. I gotta say this is a little annoying because everyone has it, but I still thought this shouldn't keep me away from buying at least this piece of love. haha. 
My friend wanted to go into Primark when we were in Hannover, so I didn't have high expectations because this store is not really my cup of tea. But on our way out I spotted this vest by accident and it was on sale for 15€, so I had to get it. The lace shirt under it is from Primark as well, about 10€. 
Fcking love it. But yes, I still dislike Primark.

I generally was looking for comfortable flats that wont give my feet any blisters for my Paris vacation soon, so I found these at Primark as well. They are amazingly cute and perfectly comfortable. For ridiculous 7,50€ I thought why not. Oh gosh, I kind of get a bad conscience by buying cheap stuff with poor quality like this because you'll throw it away sooner than later. (ohoh, my environmental awareness&I...) I swear not to do it very often, thought!!!

Next post is coming pretty soon. Hope you have a good start in the week, Lovelys!! xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blonde Baking Bitches & Best Buy.

Hello Lovelys! I want to share with you guys some pictures from the weekend I spent with my good friend. She visited me a couple days at my place and we had a pretty chilled but fun weekend (:
I saw this food-creation somewhere on Instagram, so I thought I should try this out. Since one of my favorite sweets are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and OREO Cookies I thought I might like this. Uhm, it's pretty much the best shit ever! Let's call those HEAVEN ON EARTH-COOKIES!
Here are the ingredients and a little idea how to make them:

 We had so much chocolate over, so I covered grapes in it. Tastes like Christmas Market only in summer. *-*

Goslar is one of the cutest little towns around here. We took a long walk, felt the sun on our skin, listened to the rush of the little creek and smelled horses everywhere. It felt we went back in time.
I heart Goslar!!

Breakfast in Bed. Best.
Someone was really annoyed by me being excited about this little cutie right here. Well, ok maybe I exaggerated a little but I have three reasons.
One: Best Deal Ever! It was on sale for 79,99€ instead of 199,99€
Two: Best Size Ever!
Three: Best Buy ever! Always wanted a real leather bag with a long over the shoulder strap with gold details!