Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sans Souci.

Hello beautiful people! 
I'ts always the same thing with weekends, they just fly by way too fast! As I wrote this down, I realized, that it was actually not quite correct. Because when you haven't planned anything nice and all you have to do is get shit done, a weekend - those two little babys called Saturday and Sunday can easily feel like infinity and won't ever pass by. Whereas a fully planned out weekend with amazing people, lots of sunshine and laughter goes by as if you lived in a time lapse.
Some of my weekend-moments of living in a world where minutes pretty much feel like seconds made it through my camera. 
Brilliant times on a sunday with my friend Schabracke - what a lovely name she has.♡


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thoughts from a balcony.

Hi Hey Hello!
thinking thoughts. writing that shit down. here it goes.

I like intelligent people. And this is probably the number one required characteristic when looking for a friend or partner. But seriously “intelligent” is not a word that can be summed up as a feature a person has. Rather as a personality of one. It freaks me out that the first thing people say about a person is that they are intelligent and successful after five minutes of talking to them. Don't get me wrong - Intelligence is important on people, but most of them that get titled as intelligent by others “only” have a functional brain, which can store a shit ton of information and are able to use it as an appropriate and perfect answer - which is super impressive, it really is. But is this really the important part about people?  I can really care less about one having the best degree possible and earning loads of loads of money as a result of it, if the one still is failing in daily life situations. Intelligence means so much more.
Intelligence is when you speak up and act in a situation everyone feels desperate at. Intelligence is being able to make a person feel wonderful, to find appropriate words, that they actually mean. Intelligence is being curious and hungry for new things, people, cultures. Intelligence is thinking about stuff, that hasn't been constantly talked about on the media. Intelligence is creating. It is about building a fantasy that goes beyond reality. It is acting mature in a crowd of immature people and standing up for it. Intelligence is making the right decision on when to listen and when to speak. It is being humble. Intelligence is getting out of your comfort zone even though the other way would have been so much easier. Intelligence is being genuine to a person that can’t do anything, nothing for you. It is taking the train instead of the car. Intelligence is doing your own thing and actually showing a personality. Intelligence is figuring out the balance between emotions and mind rather than always acting rationally. Intelligence is not knowing, it is understanding and acting accordingly.