Monday, August 25, 2014

Madame Macaron.

Good Evening Beautiful People! Quite some time has passed since I've made my last post and I am really sorry about that but let's just blame it on the time. Because it's passing by way too fast, it's so not fair! And speaking of time -it's the end of August already, I can't believe it! For me, as someone having the extreme luck to live in a most wonderful climated place on earth, called Germany, winter is just right around the corner. Ugh! Yesterday, I spotted the first brown colored leaves laying on the streets, no moment of happiness at all!
So, I am hoping September is going to be nicer than August. 

Other than complaining -as usual about the weather, I've got something nice right here. For the fivethousandthreehundredninetysecond time, my sister has been on a buisness trip to Paris, so she brought me those gorgeous looking, most delicious, typical french sweets from Laduree. Seriously, some things may not be worth the hype, but for me this definitely is! No Macaron I've ever eaten has been comparable to those! This is true perfection.
I've been keeping them in the fridge, to wait for a special occasion to eat it with some tea and a book aside, my kind of special occasion, haha. Eating those made me really miss traveling!

I think: too much. Sometimes I get caught in my thoughts thinking "Fuck, why do I think this and that and everything?" It's awkward.
I wish: there wasn't such a drawn picture of our society, that often makes us to feel under pressure.
I wonder: If there is a person out there, that wonders about the same bullshit I do.
I miss: that feeling of not having to worry about the world. I mean, I can't really remember it exactly, but when I was little it surely was a permanent stage of life.
I fear: I am not really a person with lots of fears, I am not scared of the dark, or getting robbed. I fear no loneliness. But I think my biggest fear might be being misunderstood.

Have a great night, everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Hans.

Hello there! The plan for today was going to the baltic sea, escaping from home, feeling the sands on our feet and breathing in the fresh beach breeze. Well, since they predicted windy weather with thunders, we ended up at home and spent some time in Berlin, cause that's all we got ...& it was lovely.

We went to one of my favorite burger places. Hans im Glück. I love the location and the interior, all is based on "Hans", who is a chracter in a children's story and that is super cute. They have so many different and unusual kinds of burgers and baverages, it's very nice. 
Check out your location here.

German-American Fair:
Those little things that give you a certain feeling, that remind you of some situations in your life you like to think back on.
Stars & Stripes. 
*One year - in High School -every week day morning at 8, we stood up, rested our hands on our hearts and pledged allegiance. 
I must say I am not a big fan of extreme patriotism, but still its memories that you wont erase so quickly. Wont forget those lines, ever, I think. 
Root Beer.
Together with some smoked potato chips, Root Beer was the first thing that I got introduced to when I started my one year american journey. It was love at first sight. It's my favorite soda and it doesn't only taste like a soda, it's the taste of being free and having the year of my life in america, it's a can full of memories.
I've always dreamed of being a Cheerleader. I was one in the states, but there was obviously no way of making it professionally. I regret not starting anywhere in Berlin. 

Cotton Candy & the Bees. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pink Pepper.

Hey Hi Hello beautiful people!
Remember being little and being so exciting for your birthday even month and month in advance? Making the best biggest plans on that day with all the family and friends you want to be surrounded by? And everything will be so special? Mostly because you felt so extremely special? And the day before your birthday was the only day you wanted to go to bed as early as possible because you can't stand waiting for your birthday to finally arrive? And do you remember that feeling in the morning when you woke up on your birthday? That feeling of walking on air happy because finally it is your birthday? Well, I exactly remember that and I wish there still would be even a little teeny tiny bit of that feeling I had when I was so little and my birthday was coming up. -Now it's the opposite... I mean, I love birthdays. I love being invited to a birthday and getting a special thoughtful birthday gift and I love wishing people nice things for their new year and really meaning it. And I love going to a birthday party and being the helping hand, so that the birthday person doesn't have to do all of the work. And I love birthdays. And I love that feeling that people give you because they are really happy that you're surprising them that day with your visit or your special gift. And I love birthdays, I really do. 
The only thing I hate about birthdays, is my own birthday. I hate being in the spotlight. I hate deciding for the guests because I am scared not to please them and disappoint them. I hate getting gifts because... well, I feel like I don't deserve it. I hate getting older. And I hate too much about it. But that's alright I guess.
So, this year I basically hated my birthday as well as the last couple ones and decided to celebrate it the day after. Rather celebrating something -anything, than my birthday. So, we celebrated. Not my birthday, but something for me. And it was lovely.
I wasn't in a best mood of taking pictures, so all I do was snapping one two shots.

My Birthday table was a sea of pink little gifts and flowers. I love how people still taking my love to pink pretty serious. Well, at least on my birthday, haha.