Monday, July 29, 2013

Regrette Rien.

Heyheyhi! I've cleaned up my closet and I found that white shirt with the print "Je ne regrette rien" which I bought last year at Gina Tricot and that I've not worn once, so I decieded to redesign it because the fit wasn't really that exciting. Originally, it had T-shirt sleeves, so I cut them off and made some knots with some left-over fabric. It looks way better now and I love it. (:
Another thing was that after a week or so of constant sunshine it was raining the entire day, so I pulled out my Hunter's and wanted to wear them. Perfect weather for them.
Shorts by Bershka 

I gotta get ready for tomorrow, Hamburg is calling. I'm gonna work there for Butter LONODON again. My train is going at 4 in the morning and I need to get up so freaking early, jeez. I only need to work half day though and my train goes back in the evening, so I'll have a little time to explore Hamburg, yay. Been there a couple times before, but still very exciting to spend the day there!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pool Party.

Hello Lovelys! The last couple days were full of sun, my new pool, reading a new book and fun nights. (: 
So, this pool makes it possible to lay in the sun even if it's super hot out without collapsing. It even has a back-flipper with a water fountain, haha. 
love from the sunbather xx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neverland Nights.

I met up with some friends to chill by the lake, had some drinks and chat a little. It was really nice and fun. Walking home was a blast, it was so warm, I didn't even need a sweater, I listened to Passenger and walkedddddd. I love taking walks, specially in the dark, it's amazing. Thinking how messed up life is but then that it's actually not that bad and that there is so much to be happy about. I mean let's be thankful for the moments we've had and the people we share it with, even if it does sound ridiculously cheesy. haha. Didn't wanna arrive at home, I just wanted to keep on walking, listen to my music and wander around through the night like a creepy little girl who got lost in the dark.
All songs by Passenger are amazing, specially the acoustic versions, the album is very recommendable!
Laters, Lovelys. xx

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daydreaming Darling.

Hello Lovelys! Since Fashionweek, when I made all the girls those braid hairdo's all around the head, I wanted to have this on me so bad! But on yourself it's soso much harder to do, so I tried it again yesterday and after one hour of always undoing and redoing it I made it, yay! ;D I'm gonna practice a little more and then I hope it will take instead of an hour only 10minutes or so. Practice makes perfect, right?! (:

The top is from Mango a couple season's ago, the shorts from Gina Tricot last year. On the lips I wear MAC "Impassioned" and Lipgloss "Bambpot" by Butter LONDON.
Hope everyone has an awesome day! xx

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bleachblonde Beachbuddies.

Hellooo<3 On Saturday, I went to Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea with my good friend. Usually even if the summer can get really hot in Germany, the temperatures up north on the sea never really rise that high... but this weekend it even got so hot over here, it's incredible. We enjoed the wonderful white sand beach and the water. We didn't want to leave, but we had to take the last train home anyway ;/
Stunningly wonderful day!!
My gorgeous friend! I made her the hair, I looove braids. It's so easy to do it on other's, I can't do this "all around the head braid" on myself though ;/
She looks stunning (:


Paddling Passion.

Hello there!! The last couple days were so much fun, I went to some places and enjoyed the weather to its fullest. It's the perfect summer weather! 
My parents & I left on saturday morning to go for a daytrip to this little town called Rheinsberg. We rented a canoe for the day and paddled around the lakes, were on the beach and finished the day with some really delicious dinner. I've only got two lovely hours of sleep the night before, so the later the day got the more achausted I was. Haha, my parents totally understood, so they paddeled all the way back on their own while I lay in the boat and got some rest. Bestest Caring Parents! haha

I forgot my SLR camera at my sister's, so only boring digital camera pictures buhhh. Will have her back asap!
Keep smiling, Lovelys! xx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Strawberry Stains.

Hello Lovelys! Eating strawberries and drinking a homemade strawberry milkshake outside on a hot afternoon with mom. Karls Erdbeeren are not comparable to those from the supermarket, they are surely theeee best!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shake it Senora.

Summerlover currently adores the sun and neon colors and bikini tops and lazy days in the garden and going swimming with dad and iced coffees and eating dinner outside. and all those kind of things. (:
Less than a month til I'm leaving for vacation, yay!!


Hello there! My best friend and I haven't seen each other in so long because we were so busy all the time. So since it wouldn't have worked out the week either because she had an appointment at Uni in Dresden, I decided to at least make her come over the night before and to drive to Dresden with her. It was kind of stressful because of the driving all the way there and back and because of the appointment but at least we saw each other and we still had a great time. As usual! (:
The weather was so grey and kind of cold but I really had to take some pictures. Aaaaaand I finally got THEEE perfect jeans jacket, sometimes waiting for the perfect one is so worth it!! ;D 

Schloss Moritzburg