Monday, December 29, 2014

Wonderfully White Walk.

Hello there!
What is better than waking up in the morning, sliding the curtains off the window and seeing the city covered in white with a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining?! Wah, so this is the gift for not having snow for Christmas, but now having tons of it making the city look gorgeous. And since it's really rare that Berlin has wonderful snow that actually stays for a little, I had to go outside and explore, oh yes.
I love the park right around the corner from my apartment - specially in summer - but powdered in snow, it at least looks just as amazing. I walked through paths with snow up to my ankles, the sun felt like a little heat all over my body, I watched little kids playing with their sleighs and just enjoyed the nature. And yes, I love nature. I'm a nature person, I would say. People are surprised about it when I tell them, I wonder why. 
Well, there is something about those two hour walks at beautiful places and taking pictures, that is just not comparable to anything else. It's the perfect way to forget about problems, negative thoughts, people you don't want to think about and stress - the perfect way to forget about the world for a little and focus on small things that make a big difference.

Hope everyone is having a happy day! (:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wool World.

Ugliest jumpers for the most wonderful time of the year. Oh yes!

It was photo-time, so my dad just knew what to do. 
(disclaimer: he was not told to put this on, haha)


Stunningly Shining Stars.

Hi there beautiful people! Wah, Christmas is over already - it was brilliant though! This is a short update on how amazing the Christmas lights are on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Driving through the lights is the most stunning thing ever! It feels like you're flying through a universe passing millions of stars, aw.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the holidays and spent some great time with the people you love. (:
Good night!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cheering Christmas

Hi there,
tomorrow is Christmas eve AND I'm still not in a big Christmas mood, it's awful. And this definitely has to be blamed on the weather, because it is too warm for December, rainy and grey just as any day in October could look like. AH, it will for sure be a snow-less Christmas this year - and even worse: a rainy Christmas! Oh well, it's the best time to spend the day inside, light candles, sit with your family and watch some old traditional fairy tales!

I am so excited to go home for christmas! Have a lovely christmas you all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cozy Corner.

Hi Hey Hello,
here is a teeny tiny sneak peek of my apartment. Eventhough not every little corner of it is done yet, I am pretty happy with the outcome. All of the pictures in the frames are not final, I am gonna exchange those with picture I've taken from all the different places I've been around the world, I think. 
The world globe is my favorite piece of all, it is a very old treasure from my dad, that I repainted in matt-gold, I love it.
Alright so, this is only a little crop of it - a post with more pictures will be coming up next year. Wow it sounds so far away, but this year has only 15 days left -omg can't believe it, where has the time been?
The couch, little tables, dresser, big pillows and the blanket are all from -surpise surprise- IKEA!
"Happy" pillow - KaDeWe
Rug - MöbelKraft

Have an awesome tuesday evening, you all!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Precious Prague.

Well, hello there world!
Long time no see! BUT I am alive and I am finally back - this time with some snaps of a fun October weekend in a gorgeous and stunningly historical European city - lovely Prague! Let me sum up those fivetytwo hours of adventure in three words: stunning. overwhelming. tonsoffun.
It's not that I find a huge importance in staying in extraordinary accommodations during vacation or so, but this time I gotta start with that. Besides the house being very central and high standard, it had the most incredible roof-deck, that I have ever been on in my life. After the car-ride and finally arriving in the city in the dark, we couldn't wait to go out and explore - until we walked all the way up to the roof and stayed there for a little time and saw Prague shining from gleaming  lights. We had this huge 360° panoramic view over the city and couldn't stop looking around. We simply stood there in silence - and watched, it was overwhelming.
At daytime, wandering around the city makes you not being able to stop walking because everywhere you glance, there are tons of more amazing looking buildings beautifully made out of old solid architecture you just can't take your eyes off from. It was the perfect time of the year - the leaves were colored in the most wonderful warm brown, red and yellow-tones and made the city look - up from the hills - like a gorgeously vibrant infinity with a million of little spires and onion domes sticking out. The autumn sun, that luckily only found its natural exhaustion with a beautiful sunset towards the evening let the city shine even brighter than its beauty itself during the day.

(not my photo)

(not my picture)

To those of you out there, who have never been to Prague, you should really considering on going - it is so worth it (plus very affordable).
Hope you all are having an amazing sunday! 
Happy 3rd Advent!!!

(Little disclaimers: 
1: I went there with my colleagues and didn't want to publish them all in the web -safety first.
2: two of the pictures are not mine - as stated.
3: I don't wanna sound rude while not apologizing about why I haven't blogged anything in so long, but sometimes certain circumstances in our lives are the reason for it and you pretty much need some time undercover - thanks to those, who understand!)