Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lilac Love.

Hey there! It's finally lilac time!! I went in the neighborhood and cut some lilac flowers off the bushes around where I live. I love the smell and the colors! This is totally a sign that summer gets closer, yay!!
For teatime I made some raspberry milkshake with some yoghurt, yumyum!

Keep smiling, it's almost weekend!! (: xx

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friends Forever.

Heya lovely people! I'm sorry for my absence...again. But this time I really couldn't do anything about it because my telephone/internet service totally messed something up, so that I didn't have internet access for way too long. And believe it or not after a couple of days not being able to properly go online with the laptop, you literally get used to it. But oh well, I am back again and I am soso happy about it! Since nothing special happened the last couple weeks anyway, there is not much you missed out on. 
Easterweekend was pretty chilled, too. I was hanging out with the family and had a wonderful eastersunday with two of my best friends.  

 Before Easter, my parents came back from China and brought lots of stuff with them. Here's the best green tea, ever and of course a Starbnucks mug from Shanghai. Aww!
This little bunny box is from my friend, omg!! It's the cutest thing in the world, it just sits on the table now, everytime I walk by it makes me smile. I got a concert ticket for Charity Children in Berlin. I am sooo excited to go there with her!

So, my friend and I drove to Potsdam on sunday, we just quickly stopped at the train station to get roles and croissants and for her to get some money from the bank. OMG and all of a sudden my best friend appeared and surprised me. I really couldn't belive it and was so excited! They totally planned this! So, the three of us spent the day together. We had a great brunch picknick in the sun, walked a lot, went to the Parc Sanssouci and just had a great time. Aww, my favorite people all together...I can't put it in words how happy I am to have friends like this!! Walking-on-air-happiness! (:

This is us attacking naked Mr. Armor, haha.

Hope everyone had some great holidays and a good start in the week! xx

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Abruptly Appearing April.

Hi there! I can't believe it's already April!! I mean is that possible? Where has the time gone? I remember October as it was last week, but the full half of 2014 will be here sooner than anybody ever thinks, I guess. Time is crazy and if I could, I'd just buy some more of it, because this isn't even funny, the older I get the faster time flies, ahhhhh! Well, hope everyone has a good start in April and enjoys Life and doesn't need to care about time, haha. (: