Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Proper Personal Planning.

Hello there! I am so picky when it comes to calenders. Looking for the perfect calender -same procedure as every year! Last couple years I've bought a simple agenda, that I created myself with some kind of a collage. This time, I came across with this german website, where you are able to create your calender with your own pictures. I made the photo collage myself with a photo editing programme, then uploaded it as a whole. The pictures are all made by me and some gorgeous memories with some lovely people.
Florence with one of my closest friends.
Paris with her, too.
Greece with my best friend.
California with my sister.
South Africa with my mom, my dad and my sister.
Favorite Places. Favorite People.
So, here's the result:

You can create the front and the back with your own pictures, add some words etc. You can choose the color of everything individually (layout inside; front strip, letter color etc.) It's pretty nice stuff (:
Click here to create your own individual agenda. (german website)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Magical Moments & Memories.

Hey there! This is a throwback of my summer vacation in 2012. Oh my god, it sounds so long ago but it feels like it was yesterday. I've never posted this because I haven't had the blog at this time. So, I thought I should at least show some of my favorite pictures.
California Roadtrip with my sister
Los Angeles

Laguna Beach


Las Vegas
So, I'm not really crazy about the most luxurious hotelroom ever, but I gotta say the view from the PALMS hotelroom was breathtaking!! We had a huge room of which two of the walls were glass facades. We came home in the middle of the night and just gazed out of the windows. Amazing moment!
Grand Canyon.
 On our way to deathvalley.
Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Absolute insider Tip! 
Most beautiful castle and garden area I've been to.
San Francisco

So, as I said these are only the best of pictures. We've seen so many other plaeces than only seen on the pictures. Yosemite National Park was incrdible as well. San Diego is a beautiful city, it was really sad that we've only gone there for a day...
Hope you got some impressions of this beautiful place. If you hadn't visited yet, you definitely have, to at least once in your life!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Beautiful Breakfast Break.

Goodmorning Lovelys! After some time of studying, I'm having some nice power breakfast IN my bed with lots and lots of sunbeams coming through my window. I have this one wall all covered with windows, that is so amazing. (:

I got this little wooden sign from my flatmate, omg and I adore this, it's so cute and it suits me perfectly. ;D

Hope you all have a great start in the day and the sun shines where you are!! xx

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspirational Impulse.

Hello there! Yes, it's this month of the year, again!! I'm right in the middle of my exams and that pretty much means it's time again to procrastinate to the fullest, haha. It's horrible but it's always the same. So, here's what I've been spending my breakes from studying mostly with (and can't never stop):
I'm running a blog on tumblr, where I only reblog stuff that I like from other blogs. There are a lot of things, that inspire me. 
Click here to see my blog.

 And I've even created another one, that is all about motivation for the new year. I've been always eating healthy and exercise but there have always been those phases in life when I stopped and ate junk, I never did it regularly. So I thought new year new change. This helps me get motivation to always stay in shape. 
Click here to see my fitness blog.

 Hope you'll find some inspiration, lovelys! xx

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thoughtful Treasures

Heya, I know it's January already, but I thought it's not too late to show my christmas presents. And if this might be a contradiction to my post about the "christmas gift hype": Don't get me wrong, I like giving and recieving presents, but I think it's not the most important part of Christmas/Birthday etc.
So, here are some things that have a new home now. (:

Bought this necklace myself but it still was kinda part of christmas. 
Necklace by Topshop (KaDeWe Berlin)
Mason Jars with the cutest straws ever!

This time, a lot of stuff was so unexpected, which I'm normally not used to. Somehow, my parents always ask me what exactly I NEED etc. But this time besides from a kitchen scale, which I was really happy about anyway, I didn't really get stuff I literally "needed". I love the unexpected. ((:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Totally Twothousandfourteen.

Have an amazing year 2014 with lots of unforgettable and happy moments everyone!!!