Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heavenly Home.

Hi Lovelys!! There is no comparable feeling like coming home after a couple of weeks not being here and just feeling so unbelievably comfortable! I love our huge garden full of beautiful plants and flowers, that's really what I miss living in an apartment. The peonies caught my eyes when I first walked into the house! *-*

I feel like, I've been waering always the same clothes. Haha, oh wel.
Jeans Vest by Stradivarius
Shirt by H&M
Pants by Vero Moda
Chucks by Converse 
Bag by L.CREDI


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Personal Pixie.

Hello Lovelys! Here comes some random unimportant stuff about me, haha.
30 Weird Facts About Me: 
1. I sing everywhere and in the strangest situations, even silently during exams, yes.
2. I could sit for hours stare at every single piece of my hair and pull out the split ends.
3. I never set my alarm to an even time, impossible!
4. I stick at nothing when it comes to taking the perfect picture.
5. I can’t finish the day without talking to my best friend.
6. I memorize nothing more easily than song lyrics, it’s kind of ridiculous.
7. When I get a new book or magazine I’ll immediately smell on it and don’t even realize that I look like a creep.
8. In the middle of a German sentence, I say an English word because I can’t freaking think of the translation.
9. It’s impossible to fall asleep with cold feet.
10. I've been maintaining a love-hate relationship with my hair.
 11. My best friend is the only person I’ve ever been in love with.
12. I dislike compliments that are limited to the way I look.
13. The most uncomfortable thing is to talk in front of a huge unknown crowd of people.
14. It’s kind of a torture if a good up-tempo song is coming on and there is no dance floor around.
15. Basically, most people disgust me and here, I don’t mean by looks.
16. I have this thing for nice lips, on men.
17. I absolutely hate small talk conversations.
18. I still hope for newspaper’s  in an A4 format.
19. I do have a TV, I just never ever watch it.
20. I can’t think/talk about death.

21. Most confidential to anyone. Super shy to someone I like.
22. I rather go to the dentist than to the hair dresser.
23. Music sometimes gets me so much, I could cry.
24. I adore cats.
25. Nature leaves me breathless sometimes.
26. I never was an easy child.
27. Sometimes I wish I was more superficial, then life would be easier.
28. My hairdresser once tried to dye my hair brown, it didn’t work, my hair didn’t take the color.
29. I rather listen than talk.
30. I’m crazy when it comes to recycling.
After an 2h train ride sitting on the floor because the train was packed, I'm finally homeeee. Happy Faced
Hope you're smiling xx

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SummerSale Sucks.

Hello Lovelys! So, here's the thing: Summersale is most dangerous for the piggybank. Another dangerous occasion: Losing your sunglasses when you're out&about, going quickly into H&M to ONLY buy a pair. Uh uh, never works!
New babes: 
Neon Pink Bikini Top by H&M: On sale for 5€
Malibu Beach Tank by H&M: 9,95€
Aviators by H&M: 6,95€
Blue dress by Zara: On sale for 25,99€


Monday, June 24, 2013

career as cookiemonster.

Hello Lovelys! I was looking on fitness/food blogs because I really wanted to bake something delicious but still not too fattening. I came across with this blog: and found those cookies. So, the credit goes out to Marie, for the german reader's: Go check her out!! All of her recipe's are amazing!! I just translated it into english and here it is:

I really think they taste delicious but unfortunately I couldn't get them that crunchy. Maybe they had to sit even longer in the oven?! So, to the one's that don't enjoy baking: Start with those cookies, they are made very easily!! And to those who love baking: Enjoy! (: xx


Hellooo! A friend of mine was actually supposed to come visit on friday, but unfortunately I still didn't feel that good, so I had to cancel. But I will see him when I'll be home, anyway and that is gonna be pretty soon!! So, not that bad!! On saturday, I went over to my good friend just to chill and enjoy the sun. Well... there wasn't exactly lots of sun, so we just cooked inside and watched some movies. One of them was Mulan and I really liked it! (:
That night, we had Ben&Jerry's Karamel Sutra premiere and I was freaking excited about it. It was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.! The caramel core is heaven on earth! So, this surely competes with Cookie Dough!
I <3 chill nights! (:
At least I got a little sun on my way back while waiting for my train to arrive, with -of course a coffee in the morning. Enjoyment to the fullest! *-* Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! xx

(disclamer: Mulan picture found on google)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Girly Girl.

Hello Lovelys! I rearranged a little in my room, so why not share it with you... This shelf contains pretty much my parfumes, body splashes, jewelry, some of my make up, nail polishes, lotions, and several books.
The shelf is from IKEA. suprise surprise! ..and it's called BILLY, it's very low price and pretty boring but very handy.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunset for Sale.

Hello Lovelys, I just watched that gorgeous sunset after going for a run. I'm always amazed how little things like this can affect me. It's stunning how clouds turn from white into purple and how birds fly like they are performing, aw. 
Sun sets west while the boring moon is already up down south.

Gotta go to bed early tonight. Need to get sleep. Nightynight. xx

Shining Shadow.

HiHeyHello<3. Ok, so I needed a new shampoo and coffee. That's what I got, cool. favoriteShampoo&gum.Shape.etc.
Lipstick "color last VIP" in the color "Fuchsia Allure" by Astor: around 5€

Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in "010 Pink Lady" by Astor: around 7€
Sun Bronzer in "03 Terra Sun" by Astor: around 5€

I'm not crazy about french songs but I really love the lyrics of this!! 
If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy. This probably sums it up perfectly<3. xx

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blue Bikini Baby.

Hello Summerlovers! What's a must-have in summer? BIKINIS, yes!! Since I never find any in stores, I looked at the online shop and saw so many gorgeous bikinis, it was so hard to decide which one to order and finally which one to buy. So, here are my two new babeeeys: 
Royal blue bikini top by Warehouse: 13,26€ link here
Blue floral bikini top by Sunseeker: 55,54€ link here

Hope you're not melting like ice in the sunshine, the temperatures and humidity are ridiculous! Laters, Lovelys! xx

Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday.

Hello Lovelyyyyss!! I finally got the shirt that I've wanted for so long. I spotted this at about the same time last year but I wasn't sure whether I like the cami or the tanktop better. So, while I tried to make such huge decision, they released the new collection and I couldn't find the old clothes anywhere. In fact, I didn't like the new prints of the shirt at all, so that sucked. Buuuut then I accidently saw this while I was looking for bikinis at the online store and I was super excited. I actually wanted it in white but they only had black and this color left, so I took this. Here the link for the tanktop.