Thursday, January 31, 2013

We´ve went shopping at the mall ALEXA but I didn´t really get anything exciting... We got frozen yoghurt at Wonderports. The yoghurt and the toppings are amazing!! I heart Wonderpots!!!

At night I met up with my lovely friend to get something to eat. After a long confusing walk around Berlin in the pouring rain we finally got some sushi. One of my favorite food ever!!!
We wondered who invented fried sushi (in the very back) I think they shouldn´t call it sushi but still soo soo good omg! So, everyone gotta try out some fried sushi!!! (:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Lovelys! Here comes just a little update from some things I purchased/got and enjoyed taking pictures of. (:

Some of my Lipsticks. There all either pink-, coral-, or salmony-colored. Except the Chanel wich is a warm red tone. My Favourite Lipstick brand: Definitely MAC!!!
This is my cute little make-up bag from the british store called NEXT. I purchased it in Dresden. I´m not sure where a store is located in Germany other than in Dresden.

Shirt: on sale for 7€ 
Jumper: 19,95€ (both H&M) 

I couldn´t be at Berlin Fashionweek because my exams were much more important (haha), my friend who works there brought me at least some goodies, I am soo soo excited about!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Lovelys! Ugh time went by and im finally finished with my exams. Sorry for not blogging in the meantime!! I have a 5week-semesterbreak now and went home yesterday to my parents house near berlin. yay!! Eventhough I love my apartment and living without anybody asking me where I´m going and when I´ll be back, I´m so so so excited to go back home after a long time of exams-studying. I had to take my room with me. At least on camera (:


When I arrived at my parent´s, a package that came in the mail waited to for me, aw. I ordered a new objective for my camera and a canon remote control release. I purchased them on amazon, the camera objective was on sale for about 100€ and I could not find it on the canon website, my theory was that they stopped producing them, so I had to buy it asap. haha. The remote was on sale as well, 18€.
My new little babies: 
Ok, so right that evening when I got home, i unpacked the package and took some snapshots with my new camera objective while my sister and I sat down made our nails and ate pudding. "Paula is ne Kuh, die macht nicht einfach muh. Die macht ´nen Pudding der hat Flecken, die kann man sehen und auch schmecken" PAULA haha.

Nailpolish: OPI Skyfall Collection: "Die Another Day", "You Only Live Twice", "The Living Daylights" All purchased at 12.69€ each. (great website: )

Since I haven´t seen the sun the last 4weeks or so I had to go out with my sister and enjoy the sun today and take some pictures with my new camera objective. And these are not good looking professional pictures but just the way they look and the way it differs to my standard objective (18-55mm f3.5-5.6) is just sooo amazing. I love it!!
My lovely sister<3

 Haha Hi

So, I hope everyone is gonna have a wonderful sunny weekend! Keep smiling! xx

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello lovelys(: Finally, I have a blogspot-account yay!!! I am a german blogger but everything I write will be in english, so that other bloggers and readers from different countries are able to understand me. I love the swedish and norwegian blogs soso much but I´m always so sad that most of them write in their native language, that´s why. I hope the Germans don´t mind. (: So, since this is only my first post I just wanted to get warmed up here and leave you guys some love. I still have exams until next week, so I will only have little time for blogging. xx

A little sneak-peak of my room. Be Happy and Smile Everyone!