Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Lovelys! Here comes just a little update from some things I purchased/got and enjoyed taking pictures of. (:

Some of my Lipsticks. There all either pink-, coral-, or salmony-colored. Except the Chanel wich is a warm red tone. My Favourite Lipstick brand: Definitely MAC!!!
This is my cute little make-up bag from the british store called NEXT. I purchased it in Dresden. I´m not sure where a store is located in Germany other than in Dresden.

Shirt: on sale for 7€ 
Jumper: 19,95€ (both H&M) 

I couldn´t be at Berlin Fashionweek because my exams were much more important (haha), my friend who works there brought me at least some goodies, I am soo soo excited about!!

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