Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hallo Hamburg.

Helloooo. I still haven't posted anything from my Hamburg trip, so I thought even though there is no right post order now, I still should do it.
Soo, after getting up at 3am, being on the train for about 2hrs, I arrived at the "erste liebe bar" and the butter Team and I prepared everything for the press event of the new cosmetic line from butter LONDON. It was such a nice little event with fun people and best food for such great productss at such a lovely location. Even the butter stylist Katie Hughes came all the way from London, I was excited to see her.

This is me, the other girl working with me, the boss of butter LONDON of the locations Germany, Switzerland&Austria and the ambassador and stylist Katie Hughes. It was such a lovely day with a very nice team (: xx

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