Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charity Children.

Hello there! Here's something for music lovers. When I was at this parc the other day with my friend, there was a band playing on the side of a street and we stopped immediately. They sat in the wonderful sun on a day that seems more like a summerday than late winter. We just stood there watched the band perfrom and listened to the amazing sound. It was so cute how the man and the woman looked at each other when they sang the duett. The band is called Charity Children and they are simply amazing! We bought their new Album right away at this open gig and it's very recommandable!
If you like OF Monsters and Men, you'll love Charity Children!! (:

This is one of the songs that is on their album, that I really like:
And this one was my favorite one they played at the open gig:
Hope you guys like it!! 

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