Saturday, May 9, 2015

Craving Colors.

Hello there!
Ever been to a city without having any expectations? Without really knowing how big the city is, what kind of architecture the place is built of and what the culture would be like?
Uhm yes! So, This is me visiting a place I had no imagination of and would probably not have considered going anytime soon on my own. 

For the first of May holiday, my parents fancied to go to the polish baltic sea coast, but as the day came closer the weather hadn't been predicted to be good, so we decided to go visit Szczecin - an umbrella on the beach wouldn't be so lovely, right?!

This pretty much sums up my city experience:
nice parcs/nature.
cute (very cute!) vs. fucked up buildings.

electricity cables.
clean and tidy.
red bricks.
kind, young people.
street art.

Dining Recommendation:  
Restauracja Christopher Columbus

 Traditional Polish food. - Can't remember what it was though. Delicious!

Outdoor Pub with a gigantic view over the Oder river- right on the promenade. The huge bar is outdoor as well, so cool! - Such a nice place for summer time!

A little insider tipp is that nice coffe shop Cafe Aficionado & Casa Turrant we went to. From the outside it doesn't look so sophisticated and more or less like a bistro, but they have agreat range of coffee and tea and home made delicious cake! The owner and waiter were very kind and sweet!

With all the unique and beautiful looking buildings and nice public venues, I gotta say the city really has its charme and it was a lovely little experience!


  1. Stolpere gerade über deinen Blog und gleich der erste Post gefällt mir super. Tolle Bilder :)
    Ich schau mich noch ein wenig um.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. das ist lieb, vielen dank! ich schaue auf jeden fall auch vorbei!!