Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello Lovelys. I went shopping with my mom on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, it´s a pretty big street that offers lots of stores, boutiques, department stores and the KaDeWe. We really wanted to get something specific for my dad at the KaDeWe but you know how it is, you see something exciting and fall in love with everything then you gotta try it on aaandd sooo oonnnn ;D My mom and I spent hours there, it´s amazing I love all the unique clothing and lots of the designer Brands.
The only first love at first sight that ever exist: KaDeWe

    Construction here construction there construction everywhere: Potsdamer 
   They´re building a new shopping center with some really nice stores, I´m 
    Me being bored while my mom tries on some clothes on... haha
    Aww I got a heart *-* I got a datebar (Dattelbar) and a hot chocolate at  
   Einstein Coffeee. The bar tasted heavenly delicious!!!
    After a meet up with my very good friend, I went home by midnight and I 
   took a longer walk from the train station to my parents house than usual. It 
   was a beautiful night with a clear dark blue sky and bright gleaming stars. I 
   wish the city lights went off, so I could have gazed at the stars in forever. Big 
   dreamer<3 xx

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