Friday, October 4, 2013

Raspberry Rose.

Helloooo! Yesterday we all had the day off because of the holiday. So, my sister and I decided to spend the day together baking. I've always wanted to make such cake, so it was the perfect day to do so. I've got the recipe from this website. And it worked out very well!! We've changed the recipe a little bit:
- used a six inch pan
-used the rasperries only as mousse for the buttercream, none on top
-made 4 layers instead of 5
-started the ombre on the opposite site 
-made only one set of buttercream, and that was plenty 

I was very surprised of how good the dough tasted because usually I'm not crazy about normal dough and the buttercream was a total raspberry-dream!  It doesn't look as perfect as in the original recipe, but I think we still did a ver
good job on it! (:

Thanks to sissy, who had so much patience to make this cake with me (we procastinated a little bit when we were halfway, haha) Bestest dreamteam and sister couple, ever!
Hope everyone is happy-faced! xx


  1. You did such a great job on this! How exciting to see someone try our cake, usually it's a daunting task to try and take this on but yours looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing and I will make sure we share your post on our social media :)