Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Sure little Something.

Hey there! So, I made this picture with that saying, because I really like the meaning behind it. I mean, don't just agree with the opinions and actions of everyone else if you have a different one. Do of what you think is the right way, even if it might represent the minority, if everyone does something, then we could probably change a little bit. I'm still gonna recycle trash to its finest even if people make fun of me. I'm still gonna vote even if so many people decided not to because -"it wouldn't make a difference anyway". And I'm rather gonna take my bike somewhere than taking the car eventhough others don't even understand not owning a car and see it as a sign of prestige to drive every day with it. -Are you fcking serious anyway? I could go on with the stupidity of our today's society, but for now, according to that saying it's enough. Always keep in mind: Sometimes it's the little things, that make the difference and think before you act! This is not supposed to be a debate or something, just sayyyying. (:
This is me before I decided to save the world, yes. Bye xx

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