Sunday, May 18, 2014

Needlessly New.

Hello there! I made an order at Optik24plus and finally got the Clubmaster sunglasses, that I've been wanting for soso long now. YES! This was an awesome deal, because the glasses were on sale, the delivery took less than 48h and I got those little essentials with it. I surely was made with love. For me (of course) haha! So yeah, since I've been struggling with buying a real pair of sophistic looking business glasses, I got my third pair of those hyped and overrated Ray-Bans. Why not, huh?! 

So, Summer please let the sun shine! Otherwise I will wear those glasses anyway and will look just as desperate and ridiculous as those women I've been alyways making fun of for wearing their sunglasses eventhough the sky looks like it's about to rain. K Thanks Bye.

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