Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Savor.

Hi there! So, sunday lunchtimes are kind of a real big deal. The plan what we are going to cook on sunday has to be all set on friday before grocery shopping! And this sometimes builds up the biggest decision problems ever, because it HAS to be a "Sunday Meal" and not everything you can cook IS an appropriate sunday lunch meal (my moms logic has always been the best)! Yeah, so the meal is one thing -the set up the second. So, the same procedure as every sunday: Helping my mom cook. Setting the dining table (because the kitchen table wont do on sundays) with the nice gold printed dishes (the conventional white ones wouldn't be enough for sundays. of course.), the special silver wear and some nicely colorful luxurous napkins. Besides that, some mellow classical music will transport the perfect emotions for chowing down all the nicely set up food on the table. (my dads rules are the second best.) 
The worst part of all is, that I was the one continuing making the sunday meal such a big deal and yeah, I am really into this lovely looking sunday meal at this nicely decorated venue.. but today, I was just too hangover to care about the dishes and the silver wear, and the set up of the food, and the dessert, and the music... All I wanted was SOME food on any kind of dish even on the kitchen table without any dessert and music. 
But you know, as I said, I still love those 'big deal appropriate sunday lunchtimes', not today, but all the other sundays.

Have a good start in the week, lovelys! 

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